What Our Students Say About Us

One of my greatest joys here at Arthur Murray is being able to have a positive impact on our student and staff’s lives. Our team is so fortunate to be in a position to pass along, not only dancing technique but affect people in many other ways! It warms my heart to hear your words and how we have been able to do so. Whether it be that we increased someone’s circle of friends, helped build their confidence in social situations or brought a distant couple closer in their relationship, we are happy to be a part of it. Reading these student reviews reinforces why we do what we do in the first place! Here are just a few of the many reviews from our Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks students we’ve been blessed with.

“This studio is awesome. I was nervous when I first went, but they paired me with David who is so fabulous and everyone was so warm and welcoming and encouraging right off the bat that those nerves disappeared within the first five minutes. Every instructor is amazing, so you can’t go wrong whoever they pair you with. The other students are all equally great. My first class was on a Friday so having the weekly party/practice session afterwards made it even more fun. Best decision I’ve made in quite a while. If you’re thinking about taking lessons, this is the place you want to be.”
-Lisa C. (Facebook, June 2018)

“My husband and I joined Arthur Murray because my husband wanted to learn how to dance. Our children are grown and we would do nothing together. Arthur Murray [Thousand Oaks] taught us how to dance salsa, cha cha, bachata, rumba, foxtrot, swing and waltz. We are enjoying every minute dancing together. We love the company of the other dancers and students. We love the patient and talented teachers. If you ever wanted to learn how to dance, if you want to do something fun with your partner then come to Arthur Murray.”
-Julie L. (Yelp, June 2018)

“I loved being a student of Arthur Murray WH Dance School since February 2018. I learned a lot of different dances and what it takes to be part of the dancing community. I always have a lot of fun doing different events and dance parties every week. This is one of the most enjoyable part of my experience. I go maybe 2-3 times a week and it’s a great way to not think about anything but moving your feet and hips (and arms and hands) Everybody is so welcoming and it has been a great year to work on a new hobby. I highly recommend taking a lesson with staff at WHAM!”
-Farooq S. (Facebook, May 2018)

“It’s my 3 years danceversary this month at this fun and accommodating staff dance studio. In that span of time, I should say I have learned a lot and still learning more as I gradually progress and move up into the next levels of my dance syllabus/program. I owe this to all our wonderful instructors particularly to my 2 awesome, talented teachers Lacy and Stefanie and not to forget the various coaches that come to our studio for coaching. Thinking of a place where to learn how to dance ballroom…this is the right place – so come enroll and be one of our fun dancing family.”
-Edmund T. (Yelp, June 2018)

“Way better than Disneyland! It is my “happiest place on Earth!” It starts and ends with the instructors here. I think they all take “nice” pills every day to be able to accommodate the different kinds of folks that come through the “dancing” door. With all the different attitudes and platitudes, levels of consciousness and unconsciousness, the staff seem to love all of us with great patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. I always look forward to my lessons, the coaching and workshops that are available. It’s a wonderful place to just let-go of your “other” life for a little while and let the music and the dance carry you away!”
-Kimberly F. (Facebook, May 2018)

“This is the best dance studio and I am so glad I joined. The staff are phenomenal; amazing artist in their own right, and their professionalism is outstanding. The number one characteristic that they all possess is their caring attitude that they bestow onto everyone of their students. Thus, in kind the students are so welcoming & caring to all the new students & visitors. Woodland Hills staff have created a fun learning environment too! So If you love to dance or always wanted to learn come and check out Arthur Murray Woodland Hills I guarantee you will not be disappointed !! My daughter recently joined, she tells me ‘mom thank you so much for encouraging me to Dance especially with such Awesome teachers, I love it here.’”
-Melinda H. (Yelp, November 2016)

“I joined a little over 7 months ago and this is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Coming here to dance is part exercise and part therapy. Regardless of how I’m feeling on any particular day, I can always count on being happy when I come here. Everyone here is kind and supportive. Each instructor has a different personality and are so full of energy! I love it here.”
-Hertha T. (Yelp, June 2016)

“Perfect for a few young retirees who stay active, not only dancing but golfing, biking and traveling! Friendly staff, warm students and an education in beats and tempo. Confidence, better posture, dressing up, stamina, talent we share together, holding and looking each other in the eyes, and joyful friendships.”
-Vivian C. (Yelp, February 2018)

“I would consider myself an excellent dancer if it wasn’t for these minor problems, my two left feet, and complete lack of rhythm. As a result, I had a fear of the dance floor. I joined Arthur Murray to overcome this fear and learn Latin dance, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do. The excellent instructors at Arthur Murray [Thousand Oaks] have me on the right track in only a few short months. The atmosphere at AM is very friendly, fun, and not intimidating at all. I highly recommend Arthur Murray for anyone with the same fears I had! I am to the point where I have to confidence to perform a cha cha and a bachata at ShowStoppers Ball at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to it.”
-Alex L. (Yelp, June 2018)

Whether here for a short time choreographing a first dance routine or here for a long-term hobby, it never gets old to hear how we’ve changed the lives of others. The fact of the matter is that you change our lives. Our students are the ones who make what we do possible. Learning to dance isn’t always just about “learning to dance,” with that may come a stronger community, a healthier relationship with your partner or a more exciting social life! We would love to hear how dancing at an Arthur Murray impacted your life!

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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