The Romance of Dance

Our theme this week is #datenight and #romance and at first thought it makes us think “couples week,” but I’m here to tell you, nope. We will cover how amazing dancing can be for couples but let’s first talk about anyone learning to dance without a partner or just for themselves!

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and the topic came up of human interaction and I thought, “Bingo!” The basic need for human interaction and human connection will never die. No matter how advanced technology gets, we all have the basic human need to connect with real people. This is the very thing that individuals receive when learning to dance. But before that happens, I think the beauty first comes from connecting with yourself. Taking time to do something that makes you feel good and grow (remember last week? #growyourself) becomes, in a sense, a date night. So many of our students may feel guilty when their time isn’t devoted to work, family and everyone else. You deserve to do something just for yourself! In order to be the best person possible, we need to engage our mind and body through something positive. Dancing can inspire so many different feelings and emotions through the various styles. Waltz can help you to express feelings of love and romance, while Rumba can cause you to feel sexy and empowered. Tango can make you feel more confident and in charge and Swing can cause you to feel happy and carefree. This is what I always loved about dancing! All of these emotions can potentially put you in a mindset to attract romance and love, if that is what you want. Over the years, I have witnessed so many strong friendships and love form at our studio.

For our couples, this is a no brainer! When you come into the studio for classes, it is literally a date night! On a private lesson, you are in each other’s arms, looking at each other, and learning together. There are no phones, no kids, no work tasks, just the two of you with no distractions. Of course, it isn’t just about taking the classes, it becomes about the future experiences you can have as a couple by learning a new skill. Dancing travels with you in your suitcase and can be pulled out anytime. You can have spontaneous, romantic experiences like dancing on the streets of Paris or Rome to a 3 piece quartet, dancing to a Latin band at a cafe in Mexico, dancing on the open air deck of a cruise ship to a cover band or getting up to dance during dinner to the piano player’s music while at dinner in the middle of the week. Many of these experiences wouldn’t have been possible before ballroom dancing. This increased connection and romance with your spouse is priceless.

The need of human connection and human interaction will never die, and I am so happy to have experienced this for myself as well as help others to enhance their human connections through the power of dance. This is the #ArthurMurrayLifestyle.

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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