New Year, New You

Oh, how we love when the clock strikes 12:00 on the last day of the year and the New Year begins! It makes us feel like we get to start the New Year fresh and new. Not only is it a great time to reflect on all things good from the previous year but this is a great time to put an extra push into your achievements.

Part of our NEW YEAR, NEW YEAR goals in our studio is to have our students put extra time and attention into those amazing group classes and practice sessions. We know from years of experience, attending more often will expedite your progress.

First up in our blog series, we are going to talk group classes!

Group classes are a vital part of your instruction. Don’t get me wrong, they are NOT the only part to the beautiful equation of our learning system but they are so important.

Group classes give students a way to focus on one dance for the entire class. They do patterns that are specific to their level (we have classes for all different levels on learning) and learn details that are specific to that dance in an organized setting. Our instructors lead the class every step of the way and of course because we personally know each and every one of you, you also get tips that are specific to you.

Other pupils in a similar level also attend the class which means you have many different partners with which to rehearse. Of course, it is impossible for the male/female ratio to be the same from class to class,as  it is ever changing. No worries, this is part of the group class learning experience. We rotate the partners in and out, and when you don’t have a partner in the rotation, I am glad! Sounds weird, right? Why? Because it enables you to perfect your part without any physical help, which makes you a stronger partner. This is where repetition of patterns, improving of balance, and perfection of one’s technique come into place. All of this is applicable whether you are learning as a couple or coming in as an individual. Couples also need to strengthen their individual parts so they can be stronger as a couple.

I am just getting warmed up, so please read on…

The best part of our group classes is the fun environment!  During the class you will have the opportunity to dance to music, interact with others, and feel the energy. The more you attend, the more you see the same people. You will experience your journey with other people that are going through the ups and downs of learning at the same time, growing and learning together. Because of this, our students make acquaintances, connections, friendships, and romances. Our dance studio will become your dance country club.

Over the years, my students would ask me about practicing on their own and most of time I told them NO! Yes, I said NO. Let me tell you why…

While in the moment of learning on a private lesson, you have it, but after a few days pass our retention decreases rapidly. Then, you decide to practice. Well…there may be some missing pieces and you spend time repeating it over and over incorrectly. This is the whole reason we are taking group classes. It gives you a structured, instructor lead repetition where corrections are being made in the moment.

***There are some effective ways to practice – I recommend before or after your lesson, or specific assigned tasks your instructor assigns when things are at a good stage. We will talk more on the subject next week.

The more classes you attend in a week, the more it is going to aid in your learning exponentially. I know I’m stating the obvious, just by attending more you will learn more, but that’s not all…

By having less time in between lessons, you will increase your retention rate from each class, which means you will learn more! The longer between classes, the more time we will have to spend reviewing before going onto new material. Of course group classes are only one-third of the equation but is it a fun, easy way to get the accelerated results you want!

So your New Year, New You challenge is to figure out a way to increase the amount of group classes you can attend in a given week. You will not be disappointed!

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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