Sandy Grivett & John Schwartz Testimonial as told by Sandy

“Thirty-three years ago we met during our last semester of college in an Introduction to Ballroom Dance class. While we enjoyed dancing together in school, we didn’t find the time or place to dance again for about 25 years. One day we were leaving an office building and were curious about what was going on in one of the rooms. It turned out that Lincolnshire Arthur Murray was setting up for its first guest party. We received an invitation and decided to attend.

We had friends that were getting married soon, so we signed up for the introductory four lesson package. It was the first time John didn’t spend an entire wedding ceremony worrying about dancing at the reception. In fact, we really enjoyed dancing that evening.

That was over seven years ago. We have taken lessons with every instructor at the studio and have learned from all of them. My balance and physical fitness has improved greatly since I have started dancing again and I have lost nearly 50 pounds with dance, diet and a fitness regimen. As a pharmacist, John is standing for 8 hours a day and tends to slouch, so the tall, expansive posture of dance has been wonderful. Most of all, the time we get to spend in each other’s arms is the highlight of our week.

As a music teacher, I know that not everyone who performs can teach. The instructors at this studio are amazing at both. It’s wonderful to watch them and see what is possible, but it’s also great to have them teach, encourage and cheer for us every step of the way. We love every moment we spend at the studio!”

Sandy Grivett & John Schwartz

A flute and saxophone teacher dedicated to musical excellence


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