For the Love of Couples Ballroom Dancing

It is very interesting that in this day and age, couples, more especially men think they can’t learn to dance.

I was sitting in the sunshine when I was on a break while judging at the Texas Showdown when a couple sitting next to me asked what was going on in the ballroom? They had peeked in the night before and observed all the people having fun, with amazing dresses and suits and were wondering how it worked. ‘Why did the men only wear the numbers?”, she asked. I proceeded to explain how the competition works including all of the different types of dances they were witnessing.

The most interesting part of the conversation was when she said she would love to take lessons with her husband, but he doesn’t have any rhythm, (I never get used to people saying this).  To which I responded “Of course he can learn to dance, with the right instruction from a great professional dance studio anyone can learn how to dance. We teach people that don’t know how to dance all the time, that’s why they come to us.”

She also stated that she’s always the one to lead and she didn’t know how to not do that. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be rich). Really, they were a normal couple just like most people that come into the studio. She has always wanted to learn but didn’t think it was possible.

He explained to me that he was an athlete his whole life and also did triathlons but now the swimming portion was too hard on his shoulders. I explained to him learning to dance is like learning any sport or extracurricular activity. When you have someone that can break it down to your level, it becomes easier and therefore more fun. It’s just like golf (which he played too). Initially, you think that it couldn’t be any fun, however, once you try it you start to get hooked on the intricacies of the game. The same happens to our couples when they venture into Ballroom dancing. The men generally enjoy learning the intricacies and the feeling of achievement. While the ladies normally already love to dance but enjoy learning it more skillfully and feeling beautiful.

They were very excited to find out that the Dallas studio was really close to them, in fact, they had seen it many times driving by. She said, “Honey, please buy it for me for Christmas? And I said, “What are you waiting for?” It had been her Birthday the day before so I said wouldn’t she be excited to start now for her extended birthday present?

They were excited to dive into a new adventure as husband and wife and after speaking with them, he also agreed it would be great to start sooner. They then apologized for monopolizing my time while I was on my break, but I was pleased to get into a conversation with a couple not even from my hometown.

Over the 26 years of my career, I have seen first hand what ballroom dancing does for couples. Enhancing their relationship, finding a new hobby that they can learn and grow together, and of course meeting other fun people like themselves. I hope other men and women realize we all have the same concerns when learning to dance and I hope they have the courage to try it out.

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy


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