Practice Sessions – Why They Are The Most Important Practice

You work so hard on your dancing, concentrating on every move. Head up, arms out, footwork, posture, etc. The private instruction you receive is important because this is where you learn all of the finer points to your dancing. It is real time learning. While this may seem like the most important practice, it isn’t.

Practice sessions are a vital part of your learning. This is where you take everything you have learned from your private lessons and group classes and apply and rehearse it. It’s important to give yourself a chance to get repetition without having an instructor in your ear making you concentrate on every aspect of every move.

At a practice session (or dance party) the environment is ever changing and it’s important to learn how to lead and follow in the moment because each and every dance is different. It’s like improv. People that are good at improv have learned the skills of acting but are able to make adjustments in the moment if needed. It isn’t about memorizing lines, that isn’t what’s important here. It’s about owning your skills so well you are able to act and respond in the moment smoothly. This is exactly what practice sessions teach you.

Practice Sessions teach you to…

  • feel the music that is currently playing
  • lead/follow different people
  • respond to the traffic on the dance floor
  • mix patterns together without stopping
  • the transition from one dance to another quickly

You have to have your steps memorized enough in order to do this. You might be thinking, once I have my steps memorized and I feel more confident, then I’ll go. Wrong. The practice sessions give you the repetition you need to be able to memorize your patterns faster. This is where confidence will grow as well.

Think of it like sports. Sports teams will have a scrimmage game to practice what a real game is like. There isn’t any other way to practice this than to actually mock a real game. Dance parties are the same thing. They are a scrimmage game where you mock your skills of dancing in a real life situation. You don’t want the first time you dance in a real live setting to be at that wedding or at a club.

You want you to work out all of the kinks in the comfort of your own studio where there are other pupils there for the same reason. There isn’t a more forgiving, fun environment than your Arthur Murray dance studio.

See you at the party!

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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