Summer Reboot

When summer comes, we all let the thrill of school ending and the warm weather throw our lives and schedules off balance. But with the right email from a trusted trainer, you can get right back on schedule…

“YOU 2.0

Hey family! I woke up Friday morning and saw that my iPhone had an update pending. I clicked “update” and boom – just like that the updated software was installed. I then opened my MacBook and noticed that it too had an update waiting as well. So of course I updated that as well and now my phone and laptop are both running the newest software.

Now bugs have been fixed, they operate faster, and they’re even more safe from viruses. Installing updates, that’s just what we do to keep our computers and phones running at their best. We’d be nuts to not do these updates, right? It’s like putting your computer or phone at risk. Yet most people tend to avoid these personal updates that come up in life and they put themselves (health, mindset, finances, relationships) at risk. We humans get these same software and operating system update opportunities all the time, only they come in the form of challenges, adversities, and problems. If we choose to “install and update” then we become a better version of ourselves.

When you choose to upgrade your life you become *YOU 2.0*

Each time you make the conscious choice to deal with adversities, challenges and problems head on you become a better version of yourself. You become more resilient, emotionally stronger, wiser with experience and more self-aware. Most of society however will choose to not update their personal software and operating system. They’ll choose to avoid and ignore their challenge and problems hoping they just go away. (Uh, that’s not how it works.) The majority of people will avoid the hard work, the tough talks, the early wake up times, the workout sessions, the clean eating, and the investment of time in their relationships and personal growth. Folks, choose to not be like the majority. Become YOU 2.0 Chose to “update” every opportunity you get.

That’s the difference between someone who grows in life and is in control of their outcome versus someone who simply ages and is often a victim of circumstance.

MAKE life happen, don’t LET life happen.




Earlier this summer, I woke up to this email by Josh from Carter Fitness and it really resonated with me. Not because I need to update my iPhone but because of…SUMMER TIME! For many of us summer time can wreak havoc on our routines. Many take vacations during summer, kids are out of school and our normal routines aren’t that normal during this time of year. The “update” button for me is getting back to my normal routine right away, essentially hitting reboot as fast as I can. Too many of us let that bump of routine derail our progress. As we were headed off for a few days, I was worried about not eating my normal food and getting my regular exercise. I was told by Linda (the Yoga Instructor) from Carter Fitness, that I should enjoy myself guilt free. Very good advice and I tried to do so without going too far over board.

I am a big believer of having a routine and my friends call me “scheduled”. Initially, I took that as a bad thing because everyone wants to be spontaneous and I believe I can be at times.

Now, I take it as a compliment because I have learned the value of a regular daily schedule over the years. I attribute this to Ballroom dancing. While training to become a top competitive dancer and teacher, having regularly scheduled rehearsal hours and lessons helped me become the scheduled person I am today. Every day was scheduled 45 minutes at a time and I liked the structure. Even though I do not compete anymore, being in the ballroom profession has taught me the benefits of such routine. And I have tried to pass this mindset on to my kids as well.

One study states “keeping a regular schedule has both physical and mental benefits.

Your body thrives on homeostasis – maintaining internal stability after some outside upset has caused an imbalance. Your environment is changing all the time, yet your body constantly adjusts itself to create the steady internal state that it needs for health and long life. Missing a meal or getting an unexpected sugar hit affects this healthy state of homeostasis.” We all have an internal biological clock called a circadian rhythm. It is defined by regular patterns of activity that reboots every 24 hours. Patterns include our sleep and wake cycle, the ebb and flow of various hormones, the rise and fall of body temperature, blood pressure, and virtually every other body processes. When the circadian rhythm gets disrupted, we feel weak, tired, cranky or off-kilter.

Furthermore, kids and adults alike excel when waking, eating, and going to bed at a similar time each day, including weekends are kept consistent.  Having a regular daily schedule need not be monotonous or boring. Your body will respond positively, giving you more energy, mental clarity, and wellbeing. Remember, Olympic and professional athletes get to the top of their sport with strict daily schedules.

While I love summer, part of me is glad to get the kids back in school and return to my normal schedule and reboot my life. Like Josh said, this is a great time to have a “personal update” and become the better “YOU 2.0.” Especially keeping up your Ballroom dance routine. Get back to learning the dances you love, explore new ones, and religiously attend your classes (especially the groups and parties)! You will feel good and be happy you did!


Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy


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