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Why Dancing? From a Student’s Perspective

Guest Post by Edie King Fasano

I entered the wonderful world of ballroom dancing seven months ago. I’ve wanted to learn ballroom dance since I was a little girl. As an adult, I let go of the idea, believing I was too old – I always thought you had to start as a child. In time I began to think about it again.  I love watching Dancing with the Stars and thought, “If they can do it, why can’t I?”  Still, I put it off. Internally, there was still resistance…I’m uncoordinated, I have no partner, I’m too tall, my schedule is full.  Too many excuses.

One day while running errands, I thought of an upcoming cruise where I would have the opportunity to do some ballroom dancing, if I knew how.  As I turned from Owensmouth onto Vanowen I saw the studio and immediately thought, “NOW!”  I called and a wonderfully cheerful young lady answered the phone. We set up my first lesson with ease.

When I entered the studio for the first time, I was both nervous and excited, but I knew I was in the right place. The studio was open and flooded with light; everyone was welcoming and genuinely enthusiastic. My first lesson flowed with ease and was so much fun. I wanted to laugh and cry because it felt so wonderful…I was actually dancing! With just two weeks before the cruise, my instructor set up a schedule to ensure I would be more than comfortable. In addition to private lessons, I attended group classes and practice sessions. The wide assortment of classes at the studio really helped me become confident with the basic dance steps and a variety of partners.

I had a wonderful time on the cruise and my love of ballroom dancing continues to grow exponentially! I believe I have discovered a wonderful new world. Christy and Robert have created a magical kingdom where ballroom dancing comes alive. The love of dance infuses the studio with grace, happiness and light. When you enter Arthur Murray Woodland Hills, your troubles wash away and happiness takes over.

It’s true…anyone can dance, especially with the Arthur Murray system. Each dance is broken down into steps and layers – the system is so kind, gentle and fun. It’s wonderful to be in a Group Class with new students, watching them learn and grow with confidence and a smile on their faces.  I especially appreciate the transformation of the men – who come in thinking they have two left feet and leave knowing it’s just left foot first! The instructors clearly love what they do and are incredibly patient. I love being guided through a process that is designed specifically for me. Each student is treated as a wonderfully unique and capable individual. They meet you where you are at that moment in time and take you to the next level.

I am so happy I decided to fulfill my childhood dream of learning to dance. Ballroom Dancing is magical, and I consider Arthur Murray Woodland Hills to be the wonderful world where it comes alive!

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