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What to Expect When You’re Expecting- Your First Dance Lesson

Everyone experiences nervousness and trepidation in their first lesson. It is normal when trying something new. Nobody wants to be embarrassed, feel awkward, or uncomfortable. I am here to help ease the unknown of that first lesson experience: What to Expect When You’re Expecting- Your First Dance Lesson.

First, our instructors are terrific at making you feel comfortable and moving at your speed of learning. Everything is personalized, from the dances you want to learn, to going at a pace that is comfortable for you. They understand that most people come to Arthur Murray because they don’t know how to dance. Even if you see other “advanced students” while you are there, they started just like you with a first lesson. It is a welcoming, judgment-free experience.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to get registered (which only takes a few minutes) and get acclimated to the environment. You will probably see other students taking personal lessons, a group class, or students practicing, but you will definitely see people having fun and concentrating on what they are learning. Once you start your lesson, you won’t even notice there are other people in the room.  

You will be introduced to your assigned instructor and the new student counselor prior to the start of your lesson. They will take a few minutes to ask you questions to make sure they understand what you want to get out of your dance experience. We take pride in making your first experience with us a positive one.

Next, they will take a moment to familiarize you with the studio and then it is time to hit the floor and dance! Your instructor will introduce the basic movements that are imperative to learn any form of ballroom or Latin dance (this is what Arthur Murray is famous for – a system of teaching that makes it easy for anyone to learn). Once you get the steps to speed, you will get your turn at trying it to music. We guarantee you will be amazed by the end of the lesson – you will be doing basic steps to 3-4 different dances along with the music.

As the instructors are teaching you, they begin to understand how you learn. This is key to receiving accurate feedback on a more specific basis in a way that is personalized to your needs. This step can not be skipped because dancing is a physical learning process. Your experience and our feedback have to come directly through trying it out.

At the conclusion of the lesson, your instructor will give you all of the information they discovered on your lesson through their lesson review. Don’t worry, you will be surprised that through good instruction, it is much easier than you imagined. Our main goal is to show anyone that they can learn to dance no matter their previous experience!

Congratulations – you finished your first dance lesson! Now your instructor will communicate to our New Student Counselor what type of program will best fit your needs. They will not only explain the process ahead of time but also help you every step of the way during your first program. Just like with children, all of the first “milestones” are so important. Laying a great foundation will help you to become a great dancer – learn more about how our Arthur Murray team is dedicated to making dance easy and fun.

Live, Love, Dance, and Enjoy!

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