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Dance Studio Faux Pas- Are You Guilty?

Ballroom dancing is famous for the etiquette and grace behind it. There are certain unspoken etiquette rules when learning to dance. I am here to make them “spoken.”

Showing up late to sessions-

Are you that person? Showing up late to a dance class can be disruptive and it slows down the speed of the class. The instructor feels like they have to brief you to get you up to speed and the others pupils are thinking waw waw waw. Either that or you start the class on the wrong foot, feeling behind, which makes it harder to stay focused on where the instructor is taking you next.
Instead, get there early, change your shoes, get warmed up, and socialize with the other students waiting for class. After all, isn’t socializing one of the reasons you started dancing anyways.

Don’t make others late to their lesson or group class-

There have been too many occasions where I see two students socializing, one of them just walked in the door for their lesson or group class, and the other just finished up with theirs. They start talking about something, and before you know it, you’ve just lost 10 minutes worth of lesson time, and if it’s a group class you were headed to, you’re now too late to join. It’s so important that we are considerate to our fellow students. Before you end up in a long conversation, simply ask the other pupil if there heading to a lesson. You can always catch up later.

Studio Cliques-

You may not believe it at first, but it happens everywhere. A few students become friends, then a few more, and then there is a large group that hangs out exclusively with each other. While this may not sound like a bad thing, it sometimes can be when there are people who would like to be a part of that, but maybe an invitation hasn’t been extended. We know that all of our students are wonderful, we are all part of this family, and we never want anyone to feel like a less important part of the family.

Correcting others in class or any other sessions-

When you come to the studio we want you to have an enjoyable experience, which means, just have a great time and let the teachers do their jobs. And don’t forget, you were a new student at some point, so if someone bumps into you, steps on your toe, or flings an arm at you, be understanding and handle it in a positive way that doesn’t feel like you are scolding them.

Asking questions at the wrong time-

We get it. Sometimes the instruction needs to be clarified. The problem with asking too many questions during the class is it interrupts the flow of the class. The instructor has a plan and is probably going to answer your questions through their instruction. Be patient, and give yourself some time to understand the information. Reserve your more detailed questions for your personal lessons where your instructor will have a chance to thoroughly answer them.

Wearing the wrong attire –

Like any other sport, Ballroom dancing comes with certain attire. The most important of all are the proper shoes. Just like golf, bowling, and skating in order to perform properly, they all come with certain footwear. Ballroom dancing is the same. If you do one thing, please buy Ballroom or Latin dance shoes. The sole of the shoe is suede, which makes it really easy to move, twist, and turn. Regular dress shoes are typically too sticky on the floor and as you get more advanced, you may feel it in your knees.

The second important part is wearing the proper clothing. Typically you dress up more in ballroom dance than other types and it is important you are able to move in your clothes. Wear shirts, slacks, and skirts that stretch and move with you. I do the dance test – I lift my arms up to see if my shirt rises up to high. I stretch my legs side to side and forward and back to make sure they stretch. Men – avoid wearing jeans that don’t bend and pants that are too tight. You don’t want to tear a seam (which I’ve seen happen before).

These are just a few things, but most things will come as common sense. Really, just being considerate to others will cover most areas. We always want you to feel comfortable and welcome in our studio.

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