Arthur Murray Woodland Hills - pen and paper

Dear Instructor…

Dear Instructor,

I want you to know, I feel you know me better than most people in my life. I have gone to events like Match Competition, Showcase and performed in shows, not because I felt I was ready, but because you believed I was ready.

You give me constant encouragement and patience during each of our lessons. I know I am hard on myself and it seems that I am not listening, but your positive reinforcement helps push me to get better. I am my own worst critic and want to believe the words you are telling me. Please continue to be patient with me as my confidence grows. I promise to make an honest effort in celebrating the small victories that I experience each week, month, and year.

I want you to know I have enjoyed my journey and I thank you for reminding me of this. Arthur Murray is my gym, my therapy, my comedy club and the best part of my day, as well as my dance studio. I am honored to be your student as well, and I look forward to what the future holds in my dance adventure.


Your Trusting Student

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