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A Dose of Respite

With the hustle and bustle of life, and how busy people are these days, it’s the little things that keep us motivated and feeling good. We need to remember to take care of ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve reflected on this week.

1) Rest – Remember giving your body the proper amount of rest is key to being your best the next day and feeling energized. Don’t skimp on this, whatever needs to get done will be there for you tomorrow and you’ll get it done more efficiently, with a better quality of work if you are well-rested. I hear people all the time saying that they need to “catch up on some sleep”, but really, there is no such thing, once you’ve lost it, it’s gone. (I do love my Zzz’s!)

2) Seize the day – We should have big goals for ourselves, we deserve it! Quite often our lofty goals can overwhelm us, especially when we don’t have a super productive day. Take the pressure off of yourself by setting a lot of little goals, which lead up to reaching completion of your bigger goals. Always remember to give yourself a break when the day doesn’t go as planned. Short, mini-intermissions will help you re-group and put you back on track with a clear mind to complete your list(If you have an Apple watch/ Smart watch, it will remind you when you have been sitting or standing for too long, nifty, right?). The next day you can start again!

3) Unplug – I know we’ve all heard this, but do we stand by it? For most of us computers, social media, and texting are part of our work. Set aside “no electronic” times for you, your friends, and your family. Most often I think we only think of this for our family but it can be rude if the whole time you’re hanging out with friends you are on your phone. Be present and enjoy your current company. This is one of my favorite things about dancing. It is a time to enjoy yourself and have fun with others, and it is nearly impossible to be on Facebook while dancing a Cha Cha.

4) Go Outside – Do you have an indoor job? Do you go from your car to work, then car to home with literally only stepping outside for a minute? We need fresh air and sunshine, not just for our morale, but for our health as well. This can be achieved for me most days, especially living in Southern California. I love opportunities to enjoy a meal outside. When I’m short on time, my favorite exercise is jogging or walking around the block. Not only do I get the endorphins from the exercise, but I feel great by being outdoors. Just this week I got my car washed (poor thing really needed it) and I found a spot in the sun while I got some work done. It really did the trick, I was working and felt rejuvenated at the same time. That is one of the things I love about our new Woodland Hills Arthur Murray location, it has a big front window that lets in a ton of light.  

So don’t forget about yourself, some of your daily goals should include maintaining your own well-being. It’s not possible to be a productive person if you’re not finding respite away from the sea of tasks that make up your day.

Rest hard, play hard, don’t just work hard!  

-Christy Melgoza


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