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Finding the Waltz Beat – Easy as 1. 2. 3.

This week we take a look back to give you more great music for practice, and the best information on how to find the beat in Waltz.

Waltz, unlike any other dance is unique to itself because you cannot dance any other dance to it (the only exception is the Viennese Waltz, which is danced to the same count, just a sped-up version).

Quite often, students will bring us a piece of music that they are requesting to use for a Waltz number. But, it’s not the sound of the song, it’s the beat. In many cases, this song or piece music is something that holds a fond memory, something sentimental, or it’s just something they may have always had an image of themselves dancing to, flowing, swaying, and being very floaty. Unfortunately, in many cases, these songs are extremely slow ballads, or a song that requires more of a choreographed dance, but still not a Waltz.

Timing in Waltz is written in ¾ timing, meaning that there’s 1 down beat, then 2 progressively ascending up beats. Let’s just say it’s like getting a bonus up beat. Typically, in other dance/music styles, the 1 is the easiest beat to find because it’s the down beat and has the sound of a base drum.

I, with the help of my instructor Josh, hand picking these songs to help you practice hearing the music. They are also great to rehearse your dancing to. I was listening to these songs with my kids and their friend. I tested them and they all were able to count the music, so you can say they are “kid tested, and mother approved.” Here are the top best 13 Waltz songs to find the 1 and practice to.

  1. Fascination      Nat King Cole
  2. Misery      P!nk with Steven Tyler
  3. Alice Blue Gown    Tony Evans
  4. The Sweetheart Tree    Tony Evans
  5. If You Don’t Know Me By Now    Simply Red
  6. Emozione– (Slow Waltz / 29 BPM)    Ballroom Orchestra and Singers
  7. I Really Don’t Want To Know    Andy Williams
  8. Unchained Melody    Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra
  9. Try To Remember  (Langs. Walzer / 30 BPM)
  10. What If (Slow Waltz- 29 T/M)
  11. The Voice Within (Slow Waltz – 30/T/M)
  12. The One (Langs. Walzer – 29 T/M)
  13. What If (Langs. Walzer – 30 T/M)

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