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Today I am thankful for…

Although we have so much to be thankful for year round, there seems to be something so special about the Holidays that causes us to do more reflecting. I thought it would be so interesting to hear about all of the different things that people feel thankful for in their lives and to share it with you. This week we asked students in the studio to share, and this is what we heard.

All of them are so valid and so true…

  • Family and friends- When we say family, we aren’t just talking about the ones we are born into. Throughout our lives we build so many different branches of families, and these “other” family members are so important because we know they had a choice.


  • Feeling thankful when arriving from one destination to another. Whether it’s by car, train, or plane, getting somewhere safely is always something to be thankful for.


  • A kind stranger’s good deed. Doesn’t it just give you the warm fuzzies every time you see people being kind to one another and helping each other when it’s just simply out of the goodness of their heart? Click here to see a great example that recently went viral.


  • Technology. Even though so many are unable to be together around the holidays, isn’t it wonderful that many times you are still about to communicate face to face? Because of things like Skype and Facetime, people are just a call away.


  • Thankful for our pets. For some, this is their only family, and in some cases the only children in the family. What a wonderful thing that our fuzzy friends love us so unconditionally.


  • For all of the service men, women, and animals who keep us safe. Whether it’s a Policeman, Fireman, or Soldier, they all work so hard to keep us safe. But, let’s not forget about the other types of service men, like the sanitation workers that work so hard to keep our planet clean.


  • For a healthy mind and body, and the chance to live and breathe another day.


  • For our freedom. Another one of those on the list that reminds us that this is not something that everyone has.


  • Traditions. Aren’t traditions something so special, and that’s why we look forward to them? And the best thing is that you can create new ones every year.


  • To wake up each day with the opportunity and ability to work towards my dreams and better myself.


Whether you are sitting at a table surrounded by family, maybe just your significant other, or enjoying the day to yourself, take a moment to reflect. Think about all of the things you are thankful for this year that you didn’t have last year, and don’t forget to eat to your heart’s desire.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in our wonderful Arthur Murray Family, we are so thankful for you!

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