Arthur Murray Woodland Hills - nightclub couple dance

Etiquette on the Dance Floor

1.Don’t be a floor Hog. If the floor is crowded take small steps. Have a more compact frame and when turning, keep your arms close to your body so you dance closer to your partner.

dancing pig

2. If you bump into someone, offer a smile and an apology. Even if you think it wasn’t your fault.

dance crash


3. Travel around the outer-edge of the dance floor. The less you travel dance closer to the center of the room.

4. Travel counterclockwise around the floor

5. Don’t dance your stationary patterns on the outside of the floor (or in the fast lane). Reserve those for the corners of the dance floor, stopped traffic, or the center of the ballroom.


6. Don’t correct the person you’re dancing with. Leave the teaching to their instructor.


7. Offer your first dance to with whom you came, and then dance with others.

8. Never decline a dance invitation unless you have a good reason.  


9. Nobody minds if you make a mistake, and chances are they didn’t even notice. So if you have a misstep, don’t let it stop you, keep dancing.

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