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You Know You’re Addicted To Dancing If…


Your Facebook profile picture is of you and your teacher, not you and your spouse

You find yourself practicing while in the produce aisle

You’re more excited about rhinestone jewelry than real jewelry

You own a tie that has rhinestones on it

You own more dance shoes than regular shoes

You spent more money on your 1st Ball gown than your Wedding dress

You think your spray tan actually looks normal

You get up at 3:30 AM for hair and make-up

You schedule your vacation time around dance competitions

You find yourself spontaneously clapping at the end of a song (while not at the studio)

You’ve come full circle and are wearing a onesie again

You wear competition pants as regular slacks

You have a dedicated “theme party” costume closet

You take large steps down the dressing room hallway to make sure you can dance in the clothes you are trying on.

You count beats in every song to figure out which dance you can use it with.

You’re becoming “that guy” in the movie, Shall We Dance that does sharp turns everywhere he goes

You view stairs as an opportunity to practice your Cuban motion, not to get to the next floor

I hope this list gave you a good laugh, and made you realize that you are not alone in your dance addiction. There are so many others that were left off, so I would love to hear what you have to add! Please share your dance addiction habits with us in the comments section.


Live, Love, Dance, and Enjoy

-Christy Melgoza

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