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Key Benefits Of Dancing For Your Health

This week I’d like to share with you something that we give to our new students when they begin on their dance journey. It’s great to read that dancing is something that is fun, and oh so good for you.

Dancing Promotes Better Health Because…

Dancing helps with weight control:

Only through some sort of regular exercise can we avoid having all those extra calories we consume be converted into body fat. Instead of spending endless hours working on boring, monotonous exercise equipment, why not enjoy burning those calories while dancing in a pleasant atmosphere with friendly people and great music—whatever the weather!

Dancing is good for your heart:

Medical specialists tell us that long periods of inactivity can cause a decline in the heart’s efficiency. When a heart accustomed to exercise is forced into a more vigorous activity (running upstairs to get the phone, moving furniture…) it will be better able to handle the extra load. Your heart will pump blood throughout your body with much more ease when required to do so frequently by doing a mild form of exercise such as dancing.

Dancing is good for your nerves:

Do you know that our nerve cells govern our senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste? They govern our memory, emotions, reasoning, and motor reflexes too. Doctors have long recognized the beneficial effects of exercise on the psyche and nerve cells. Dancing aids in relieving stress and strain as it counteracts nervous fatigue. If we are to think clearly and make intelligent decisions in our everyday life, we must possess a relaxed nervous system, and that can be achieved through dancing. Dancing has also been found to be the number one exercise in fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Look what good circulation can do for you:

Often we do not stop to reflect on the needs of our bodies until it is too late. Good circulation through dancing nourishes our muscles, gives us coordination, grace and poise, improve posture, and does more to stimulate and improve the appearance of our skin. As we grow older, it becomes a greater challenge to remain active so that our minds and bodies stay strong and fit. Dancing is a good wonderful way to keep both mind and body active, and the amount of energy you want to devote to it is entirely up to you.

Muscle Tone:

One of the most beautiful things about social dancing is the way it works muscles that would not otherwise get very much use in a normal day. Firmer underarms/triceps will result when arms are held up in a dance frame (dance position and arm styling might just make you look good in more ways than one!). As for the legs…most people have fairly solid muscle tone on the front of their legs, but if you want to firm up the back of the thigh and lower buttocks, you have to use them! Swinging the leg back from the hip in a slow Fox Trot will do wonders for your posterior.

Do you have any personal stories about the ways that dancing has positively improved your health? Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional health, I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment, or send me a private message.

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