The top 10 most common reasons (excuses) to not dance

Being in the dance industry for 24 years, I always get a great reaction when I tell people what I do for a living. It’s always – that’s so cool, that’s interesting, what a fun job, and all of those are true. After that, I get interesting comments as to why they wouldn’t be able to learn to dance. I am generally a little surprised at what I hear. People have a pre-conceived notion as to who takes Ballroom Dance lessons. The truth of the matter is anyone can learn ballroom dance, from young to old. I am here to set the record straight, The Top 10 Reasons Not to Dance:

10.  I have no Rhythm- Everyone has rhythm. We walk to a rhythm we talk to a rhythm. What you will have to learn is how to develop this natural rhythm you use everyday to movement in dance.

9. I have 2 left feet – so I get it.- You may not think you are so coordinated. Our job is to break it down at your level, so you will get it. The other foot will be found.

8 I don’t want people to watch me- I understand when you are learning something new, we do not want people to watch us. It can be uncomfortable going through the awkward stage. The instructors and students are very understanding and you will be amongst an environment that is comfortable to help you to learn. Besides, the other students are too focused on what they are doing to worry about watching you.

7. My husband won’t come with me- I wish he would come with you too because if he would just try it out, he would realize that it is easier and more fun than he thought it would be. That aside, you do not need a partner to learn to Ballroom dance. We have singles, couples, kids, and married people without their other half here all learning to dance in the same environment.

6. I have a bad _____ – fill in the blank; back, knees, shoulder, to name a few.- If you have lived, you probably have a woe. The great thing about Ballroom dancing is that it’s the best low-impact exercise there is. I taught a gentleman once who had two knee replacements due to his college football days. When he first started he could only do the slow dances. He then progressed to dancing a slow Swing in short spurts. After a while, he was able to dance a fast paced Swing to an entire song.

5. I can’t lead- You’re not going to believe this, but this one is true! The men have a difficult job because they are expected to lead something they don’t know how to do. Therefore, men don’t dance because they don’t want to look stupid. It makes sense, right? Well, sort of. Once you know what you are doing yourself, you will be able to lead. Men gain so much confidence after attaining this that quite often they enjoy dancing more than their counterpart. It is fun being in charge of something you know how to do.

4. I can’t follow…meaning I always lead- This one is for the ladies. Part of the problem with dancing with a man that doesn’t know his part yet, is the ladies take over and lead. They are dragging the partners around the floor just trying to be helpful because typically they feel more comfortable with dancing. As you can tell from our count down so far we end up in a vicious cycle. We too need to learn the tools of following the man’s direction and timing to become a great follower. I had a gentleman once rant and rave about what a great follower I was and we didn’t do any of the ballroom dance steps I have learned over the 30 years I have been dancing!

3. Not in good enough shape- This is often heard from people when talking about learning to dance, and going to the gym. The great thing though is that this is exactly what can help get you feeling better about yourself. Dancing is a great cardio workout without feeling like your “working out.” Dancing can build your self-esteem and help you find confidence in yourself that you may not have known was there.

2.  I don’t have enough time – isn’t this always the case. We are all so busy, it is hard to carve out time for something new. Isn’t it true “busy people always get things done.” With Ballroom dance lessons it is no different. The great thing about our hours is that you can schedule an appointment at your convenience AND we are open until 10:00, so you can skip the couch at home and come right after work.

1.  I don’t know how to dance – this is my all-time favorite! This one to me is very ironic because that’s exactly what we do, we teach people who don’t know how to dance. This makes you the perfect candidate! Nobody was born knowing how to dance. Some may have been taught or exposed at an early age whether it was formal classes, like ballet, or just moving to the music with your friends. Look at the bright side; if you haven’t danced before, you are a blank canvas for us to transform into a beautiful work of art.

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