Spoken From the Heart

Spoken from the heart, a true testament of the positivity that dance can bring to a person’s life, regardless of their circumstances.


“Dancing had always been something I wanted to do. I took that desire to another level by enrolling at Arthur Murray Dance Studio when my daughters were old enough and less dependent on me. My married life is full of challenges since my husband’s first stroke, 18 years ago, which left him paralyzed on the right side. He had another stroke recently and is now fully disabled.

 With my hands even fuller, working full time as well, people ask me, “so do you still go dancing?” My answer to that is a definite, Yes! I find enjoyment and happiness in dancing. But more than that, in situations like I am in now, dancing provides that much needed time for me to escape or even get lost for just a moment in the seemingly harshness” of life.

 Dancing makes me feel beautiful, elegant, and strong. It revives my being, and when I am back to the chores, I am a much happier and positive person.



Thank you to Irma for sharing this beautiful testimonial.

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