Step it up!

My Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings are reserved for the gym while Tuesday and Thursday mornings are left to coach professionals. Creating favorable regular habits for your diet, exercise, and extra curricular activities is a good start, but did you know that it may not be enough? That’s right, I said being consistent may not be enough for you to stay motivated and reach your goals! Consistency will get you to a certain point; however, doing the same thing, the same way can slow down progress and decrease excitement. Often we need a boost to kick us back into gear and increase our momentum!


My goal for you this week, is to figure out how to “Step it up!”


If you are taking your personal dance classes twice per week, try four! If you’re focusing on your Smooth dances, try Rhythm. Quite often what we need is a new challenge or a new pace. We want keep our mind and body engaged.Do you know the definition of insanity? It’s repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Practicing one step in the same manner over a long period of time will not help my dancing progress. Imagine if I decided to step up my game little by little; small increases in technique, speed or slowly introducing a new dance will result in major improvement over the long run.

Last week at the gym, I noticed an older gentleman jotting down some notes. I commented on it, and he proceeded to explain to me how he writes down how much weight he has done on each particular machine, so in the future he can increase it every time. Before I knew it, he was acting like my personal trainer. My first thought was, I’ve been working out for years and how dare you advise me. However, after he left, do you know what I did? I increased the weight on the machine. He was right! If I wanted to continue seeing results, I needed to step it up! I can do more, and I will be better!

While we may not be able to keep accelerating all the time, stepping it up might be exactly what you need to feel motivated and get the results you’ve been looking for. So the next time you feel like your goals are moving at a snails pace, step it up! Give yourself a challenge! You’ll never grow unless you push yourself to a higher level.

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