Our Instructors – How did they Begin?



To find great dancers and great instructors is no easy feat. Many can be good at their own individual dancing but have a hard time getting others to do it, while other Instructors may not be the flashiest of dancers but are great at teaching. My goal is to always get a double whammy. With the help of Arthur Murray’s training, it is possible! We look long and hard to find the amazing talent we have today. You may be surprised at how they were discovered.

Victor wasn’t always a ballroom dancer. Before his career at Arthur Murray, he performed Mexican Folk Dances. A few friends of his were working at a different Arthur Murray locations and he knew it was the perfect place for him. After getting his start at the Santa Monica location we were thankful that he decided to join our team in Woodland Hills.

Before Michael joined Arthur Murray he had already been dancing and teaching. After a Hiatus from dance he decided that teaching was something that he couldn’t stay away from. In 2005 he walked into the Redlands studio (the same studio that my husband I started at) and asked for a position as an instructor. Fast forward 9 years later; Robert and I are blessed to have him working for us in our own studio.

Before Julie’s career at Arthur Murray she had been performing and taking class in other styles of dance. She felt that she needed to start teaching dance and give back all the things she had learned as a dancer. Julie found Arthur Murray as a way to teach others as well as continue growing in her own dancing. After experiencing Hula Rama she decided that Arizona was not the place for her to be teaching, she had to be near the beach. Soon after that she found her way into California in the Melgoza Family.

Orion was taking dance lessons at UCSB. He went to Arthur Murray to learn country swing and line dances and started a foundation program. During that time the manager asked him to be part of the Arthur Murray team. After some time of playing hard to get, the teachers at Arthur Murray Santa Barbara were able to convince him to take up the position. He later joined the Woodland Hills family and the rest is history.

Stefanie has danced her entire life, from ballet to Drill Team and Color Guard and even Irish dancing. In high school and college she began in the Beverly Hills location where she took lessons for 6 months. They saw how amazingly talented she was and recruited her to become a teacher. 3 years later we were so fortunate she started working in the Woodland Hills location.

John started as a student in the Woodland Hills location, several months later he performed at one of our Murray Showstoppers. The minute (literally one minute) I saw him dance, I thought to myself, this guy needs to be a teacher! After a few months of David Woodbury bugging him to become an instructor, he was in.

Amber started in our very own Woodland Hills location, and crazy enough Lacy taught her second lesson. She convinced her to attend a group and party in that same day. The best part? It was a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme party. We are lucky she stayed around because she was a fast study, 9 months later she graduated Bronze 1 and 2 as a student. She definitely needed to be a instructor, no one ever graduates that fast!

Lacy and her sister started as students in Sherman Oaks and took lessons for 3 years. Lacy knew from her second lesson that teaching and working for Arthur Murray was something that she had to be doing. She was recruited to work at the Woodland Hills studio less than a year before Robert and I purchased the studio (she would have been recruited earlier but they were waiting until she was of legal age to work).

Robert started as a guest of his sister, Cari who was an instructor at the time in the Redlands location. I was his first teacher (Ooooo!) and after 6 months of taking classes and dancing in a Showcase we knew this man was made to be an instructor. Well I guess we can say he was made to be the boss! The time spent break dancing and battling against others in High School must have given him a good start.

I allso began a young student, achieving my Associate Silver level, loving to perform, and competing in 3 Dance O Rama’s, all before the age of 18.

And now you know how this wonderful and crazy Arthur Murray family came together to create such a dedicated team!



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