Who’s Leading This Dance, Anyway?

We have hundreds of men and women who come in to learn to dance every year. One of the first things they say is that the ladies are always leading. Here’s why.

Most women are more knowledgeable about dance than their counterparts, and they are so eager to dance that they end up dragging their partners around. Do you think the men love this? I would say not. It is not fun to participate in an activity where you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s even less fun to be dragged around doing it. It is for this reason that “men don’t like to dance”.

Think back to “the old days” when young boys learned to waltz or foxtrot in grade school. How long ago did society change where that is not only no longer the norm, but also where we discourage young boys to ever dance at all? That is the society we now live in. Women dance, in some form or another, for pretty much our whole lives. We boogey as little girls, we take ballet or tap in grade school, and we dance with our girlfriends if there are no boys willing to dance with us in high school.

But the cold hard truth is that No One is born knowing how to dance, particularly ballroom or partnered dancing. Just because a woman has been dancing her whole life doesn’t make her a confident dancer. The women AND men that we teach start at the beginning and gain confidence as they dance with us.

So Gentlemen, don’t despair. It is not your fault. Since you didn’t grow up dancing, how can you be expected to know what you’re doing when your adult female partner wants to dance? Come in and learn, and you will soon realize that anything properly broken down by a professional can be mastered. You don’t have two left feet or no rhythm; you just haven’t had anyone properly teach you. As you learn some basics and can apply it to music, it gets more and more fun. You may even find what many of our male students have discovered – they enjoy dancing more than their wives! Leading, when you know what you’re doing, is an amazing feeling, and women are very impressed with a man who is in charge on the dance floor. So whether you are hoping to impress the woman you have or the one you want, instruction in ballroom dancing is the key to your success.

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