10 Reasons to Dance after Thanksgiving

10 Reasons to Dance After Thanksgiving

10. Turkey makes you sleepy and dancing will wake you up!

 9. One pie too many?

8. We are slightly less annoying than your relatives.

7. It’s more fun to drive on the dance floor than those roads!

6. When else can you dress like an Indian – join us for our Cowboys and Indians party on Friday the 28th at the Arthur Murray Dance Center at Thousand Oaks at 8:30!

5. Avoid the Black Friday crowds.

4. Shop on Cyber Monday instead.

3. Save your money for dance lessons!

2. Turn your tryptophan into a triple fan (A really cool tango move).

1. Where else can you get rid of your left-overs?

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  We are very thankful for you and for the wonderful gift of dance!

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