Be Your Best!

Be Your Best

            I never know where my next inspiration is going to come from.  I often ask myself, “What do I want to write about this week?”  “What do I think might inspire you – my readers?” Every day my eyes and ears are open to learn and to grow. This week, all the Arthur Murray Studios in our district got together for a District Rally. We set our next quarter goals and had a meeting on how to “Be our Best.” Quite often that includes a motivational speaker to guide us in the right direction with some additional insight, and this week we were fortunate to have a mind coach, Coach Shirley, come in and do a workshop with our staff and visiting studios for about an hour.

          Well, coach Shirley did what we so often ask our students to do. What is that you ask? She brought us out of comfort zones.

          There are many phases throughout our life, and quite often we get comfortable in a certain phase. We approach our day in the same way. We sit in the same spot in the meeting. We eat the same thing. We drive the same road to and from work. We have the same conversations with the same people. We are living our life on auto-pilot. Is living your life the same way day in and day out “being your best?” Might you get a little bit better results if you paid attention to this area? My answer is yes!

     Coach Shirley started with a group exercise where she had us take off our shoes. Yes, she asked people in professional dress; suits, dresses, skirts, slacks, to take off our shoes. It was fun to see everyone mumble and grumble because they were out of their comfort zone. She then proceeded to ask us to grab a chair and sit on it in a way that we never have before. So I took the folding chair opened it, placed it face down and sat on the ground, kind of like a tent. Then she asked us if we had looked at everyone else to see how he or she sat in their chair. Did we really go for it or were we worried or were wondering what everyone else was going to do? The point she made here was it isn’t about anyone else, it should really only be about yourself. Are we holding ourselves back because we’re worried about what other people think?  Are we looking at other people for our own answers? Or, are we being our best?

               I have discussed about how to set and achieve goals in previous blogs but she had another spin on it. What “conversation” are we playing over and over again in our head that is stopping us from getting what we want? For our students it might be: “I don’t have rhythm; I can’t learn to dance; I’m not good enough to perform in front of people; I’m too shy; I don’t like that dance.” Typically these are all excuses because we are afraid.  We have fear. The truth of the matter is you ARE good enough. We need to change our “conversation” in our head to get the results we do want.  Transform those negative conversations you have to yourself to positive ones.  These positive conversations need to be practiced constantly. I promise you, you will not make a fool out of yourself. You are good enough to perform in front of people and you don’t like “that dance” because you don’t think you’re good at it. If we weren’t worried about what other people think, we would “just do it!” Nike was so smart with that saying!

          Do what Coach Shirley did with us. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Who cares if we look foolish or if we’re not perfect right away. The most important thing to growing and “being your best” is that we have to be open and willing.

          I am part of a business where we ask people to do that everyday. We ask them to trust us and to trust our instruction. We ask students to be uncomfortable, get out of their comfort zone and we sometimes put them on the spot. If you are willing to put yourself out there, great things will come your way. You will feel alive and will be so proud when you accomplish it.

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” Unknown

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