Interested in Dancing? – The Most Common Questions Answered!

Interested in Dancing? – The Most Common Questions Answered

You’re thinking about taking Ballroom dance classes and you have a lot of questions. I am here to help you understand the fun and crazy world of Ballroom dancing.

The first question I always hear and it still surprises me is…

Can I learn to dance?

Of course you can! I always say, “If you can walk, then you can dance, and you don’t even need to walk well!”  When I tell people what I do for a living they always say, “I can’t learn to dance, I’m a terrible dancer.” Well, we specialize in teaching people that have never danced before, or have even had a bad experience in the past. Every once in a while we’ll have a new student who is an accomplished dancer and just wants to fine tune their skills, and that’s great too! There aren’t any cookie cutters here. Arthur Murray’s dance classes are individualized and they teach at your pace and level.

How long will it take?

The length of the course will depend on how many dances you want to learn and of course how proficient you want to become. Even after the first lesson, you will already be able to dance the first few basic steps. After a couple of lessons, you will find yourself able to participate at the parties and have a good time.  For many of our students who have achieved their first goal of dancing socially, dancing becomes a weekly hobby where they are perfecting and increasing their skill level, much like a golfer would.

 Is it easy to learn?

Arthur Murray has a 3 lesson system that includes all the instruction you will need to make your experience fun and easy. Our private lessons are for one on one instruction, group classes enable you to learn new patterns through repetition, and dance parties to practice and apply what you have learned. Our instructors are professionally certified and dancing is not only their passion, but it is also their full time career. You will be paired with dance trainers whom we believe you can best relate and understand your learning capabilities.

How much will classes cost?

We have packages and programs to fit all budgets and interest levels. Packages are personalized by how regular you want to attend and what combination of classes you are taking. Very much like a personal trainer- the more often you go, the more it will cost in a month but the quicker you will reach your goals. The best way to figure out if dance classes will work for you is to take advantage of our first lesson trial offer and our professional Instructors we be able to recommend something that is tailor made to fit your needs.

What should I wear?

When you Ballroom or Latin dance, you will work up a sweat- especially as your capabilities increase. Having an exercise that is fun is one of the main reasons many people learn to Ballroom dance. However this is not a gym environment! Ladies, please wear slacks with blouses or skirts and dresses that can move as you spin. Gentlemen, please wear slacks and dress shirts or polo style shirts. A tie is even appropriate, though not required. (Except for my Instructors… J).

Do I need a partner?

Most people think that if they are single, (or their mate is unwilling) they are unable to take classes because it is done with a partner. Nothing is further from the truth! Not only will you be paired with one of our professional Instructors, but in our comfortable learning environment, students practice with others in their level along with personal guidance.

I hope that I have answered any questions and/or hesitations that you may have about learning to dance, and I hope these questions don’t prevent you from coming into Arthur Murray Woodland Hills!  You have nothing to lose! 

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