100 Things that Make Me Happy

100 things that make me happy

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the little things that you might take for granted that make you happy?  Even the small things such as your favorite cup of coffee in the morning and the hugs and laughter you share with your friends, family, and coworkers can easily be overlooked and taken for granted. The staff and I came up with 100 things that we are truly grateful for and make us happy!

  1. Seeing other people happy 🙂
  2. Dancing!
  3. Spending quality time with my family.
  4. Enjoying a great time out with friends.
  5. Delicious food that makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
  6. Meeting and working with new Arthur Murray students.
  7. Payday!
  8. My Arthur Murray Family
  9. Laughing until I cry
  10. Seeing your beautiful smiles!
  11. Walking barefoot along the ocean at the beach.
  12. Having a job I absolutely love.
  13. When I get a fresh new pair of dance shoes.
  14.  “A room without a roof”- Pharrell
  15. Going to a concert of one of my favorite artists.
  16. Seeing my superstar students perform well at our events.
  17. Wearing my favorite t-shirt (even though it’s 20 years old!)
  18. A cup of my favorite coffee in the morning.
  19. My favorite show’s newest season being on Netflix.
  20. Lazy Sundays.
  21. Putting on those new pair of shoes.
  22. Singing karaoke at our annual Spring Luncheon!
  23. Feeling comfortable with someone.
  24. Checking things off my to-do list.
  25. When I see friendships form amongst our students.
  26. Warm Towels
  27. Finding money I forgot about.
  28. Being able to learn from our fantastic coaches and seeing our students progress during their coaching lesson.
  29. Writing down one thing I am grateful for everyday.
  30. Having funny moments with my students.
  31. When our students refer their friends and family for a guest special.
  32. Apologizing and resolving an issue with someone.
  33. Proving someone wrong.
  34. When I buy a new outfit for a special Arthur Murray event.
  35. Truly, genuinely and completely not caring what other people think!
  36. Seeing new students perform their first spotlight during a Friday night Party.
  37. A sip of wine at the end of a long day.
  38. The beautiful sunrise and sunset.
  39. Donating and helping the less fortunate.
  40. Handing out Arthur Murray Prizes.
  41. Cuddling.
  42. Setting Goals & Dreams.
  43. Pets!  Especially my little puppy!
  44. The feeling I have after a great workout.
  45. Getting to travel with my company and do what I love!
  46. Surprises
  47. Receiving back and shoulder massages.
  48. Seeing my students graduate to the next level.
  49. Hearing my jam on the radio.
  50. When you feel proud about what you have accomplished.
  51. Stepping on the scale and realizing you’ve lost weight.
  52. Being on time, but even better, being early!
  53. Creating the best memories and capturing them in photos.
  54. Hearing a student’s excitement about a compliment they received.
  55. Spontaneous adventures.
  56. Dancing & Singing like no one is watching.
  57. Enjoying my favorite cocktail.
  58. Watching my favorite t.v. show.
  59. Putting away all technology and playing board games!
  60. Jumping into a fresh pile of snow.
  61. Knowing and Feeling that Arthur Murray is my SECOND home! J
  62. A fresh beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  63. Sleeping In.
  64. Cooking and baking something yummy!
  65. Cleaning out the clutter in my house and having everything look spick and span!
  66. Teacher Training Weekends.
  67. Going on a hike.
  68. Pampering myself by getting a facial or massage.
  69. Buying a gift for a new baby
  70. Enjoying my favorite dance without having to think about the dance steps.
  71. Old people full of vigor
  72. When there is absolutely no traffic on the freeway.
  73. When my kids draw pictures for me.
  74. Holidays!
  75. Seeing all of the creative outfit ideas during our International Dance Festival themed Friday night parties.
  76. The weekend!
  77. When I receive compliments.
  78. Having a shopping day just to myself.
  79. When I feel and know that my hard work is paying off.
  80. Enjoying all of the amazing food, drinks, and desserts that students bring in for our parties.
  81. Receiving a letter in the mail.
  82. Knowing that I made someone’s day
  83. Chocolate
  84. Getting recognized for being the best studio.
  85. An afternoon Nap
  86. Finally going on vacation after working so hard.
  87. Enjoying my most favorite dessert.
  88. Being in the highlights by AMI (Arthur Murray International).
  89. Music
  90. Hearing the audience applause after my performance.
  91. When the movie I’ve been dying to see finally comes out in theatres.
  92. Knowing that our students’ bad day turned into a good day after being here at the studio.
  93. Getting lost in a beautiful novel.
  94. Seeing old friends and picking up like no time has passed at all.
  95. Hugs!
  96. Realizing the person I love, loves me back.
  97. When you feel like the dance moves you were trying to perfect are coming to you naturally
  98. Of course, all of the groups and parties!
  99. Attending Arthur Murray Events.
  100. The look on a new student’s face when they exclaim, “ I finally got it!”

 What makes you happy that isn’t listed above?  Comment below! 🙂 

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