Positive Phrases – Make a Difference For You and Everyone in Your Life!

“Positive Phrases – Make a Difference For You and Everyone in Your Life!”

            This week I was inspired to write about something that is so important and easy to do, but is not done by most of us on a regular basis.  Currently and in the past, I have employees/students ask me “What’s the most important thing a young person like me should know?”  It’s funny they ask because there is a meeting I like to give to our young dance professionals starting their career called “Do the Easy Things First.” What I share in this meeting is; do the simple things you can do right away in your professional life that don’t take years of knowledge and experience to pull from. These things can help you to be successful right away!  You may think I am going to talk about timeliness, proper dress attire, and grooming (i.e-hair and make-up, nails), but I’m not.  Those traits are very important, but for this week’s blog, I was inspired about a list of phrases that we should use everyday not only in our professional life, but also in our personal life.

            Have you ever thought someone looked nice and forgot to tell them? Have you noticed a nice gesture and forgot to show your appreciation? Have you ever written a thank you card and didn’t mail it? I know I have a million times! Quite often we feel a certain way about someone but we don’t use our words. Let’s make a pact from today forward, we will share our positive thoughts and encourage those around us.

Say – Thank You

            I know this isn’t ground breaking, but we all get so busy in our lives running from one project to the next that we forget to say the simple phrase, thank you. Thank you for my coffee. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for delivering my mail. Thank you for attending. Thank you for your service. Thank you for raising me. I think the power of creating a “culture of recognition” is the key to anyone’s success. I think that quite often it is not that we are ungrateful, but sometimes we are so busy with our lives and focused on ourselves that we forget to give thanks. Make a difference in someone else’s day and say Thank You. I guarantee you- your day will be better for it!

Say – I’m Sorry

            Saying Im Sorry can be one of the hardest things to do.  The beauty of saying Im Sorry is that it quickly ends an argument!  I mean, once someone admits to being wrong and apologizes, what is left to say?  The ability to say Im Sorry shows that we’re able to see the other’s person’s perspective and that we want to maintain a good relationship with them.  Also, it shows that we aren’t too “big” or have too grand of an ego to reach out and see the good in others. In the book “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People,” author Rich DeVos states:

            An apology is a conscious decision we reach when we have empathy for the feelings of others.  Instead of thinking of the apology only from our point of view as an admission of our wrong-doing, we consider how our apology will benefit the person we have wronged and actually have a positive impact on his or her life (35)    

            As we were discussing in our book club at the studio, we were wondering why saying Im Sorry can be a difficult thing to do.  Do we think it makes us look weak?  Perhaps we did not hear Im Sorry from our parents or guardians that much growing up? Maybe we were raised to not say such a phrase that brings our guard down.  Whatever the case may be, saying Im Sorry does not make us weak.  In fact, it does the opposite- it makes us stronger!

Say – You Can Do It!

            We all need to develop the philosophy of You Can Do It!  Being a dance instructor for all of my adult life, I had to live that philosophy. You Can Do It has been a defining phrase in my life.  It was so important to the success of teaching people something new that most of them never thought was possible. Now as a parent and a business owner, it is a whole different responsibility. What I say (or don’t say) not only affects my students but my children and staff as well. That is a huge responsibility!

                         I believe we all can have a positive effect on other peoples’ lives. There are very simple things that we can say to encourage people that they can do it. When we hear someone else’s crazy aspirations, our own negative mindset or fears can make us dream smashers. Next time I strongly encourage you to bite your tongue, don’t be a naysayer, and tell them, You Can Do It! Wouldn’t it be awful to find out that something you said hastily stopped someone from chasing his or her dreams? It’s important to encourage a You Can Do It attitude in others and within yourself. Sometimes it is the only thing that drives a person to accomplish their goal.

             Although these phrases don’t require skill or take years of experience to master, we often overlook them.   These phrases will improve your relationship with family and friends, and help you to be mindful of your daily interactions to help improve your quality of life and your mood/attitude. Some other phrases that are powerful and can easily be used to improve your relationships professionally and personally are: I Believe You, Im Wrong, and I Respect You.

            Lastly and most importantly, the main focus is that what really makes us happy is to take the focus off of ourselves and show appreciation for the people around us. If you have a family, work (for someone, or yourself), have friends, and/or belong to a community, all of these things will apply.  So when in doubt, say what you feel –whether that is Thank you, Im Sorry, or You Can Do It!

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