Student Testimonials

     This week, as we are thinking about what we are thankful for and counting our blessings, I think about all the things dancing and Arthur Murray has done for my husband, my family and me. I have been truly blessed in so many ways, dancing being one of them. So this week I asked some students at our Woodland Hills location to tell us what they think dancing has done for them and why they love it so much.

“After a very trying year of life’s usual up’s and downs, I decided to step out and do something completely out of my comfort zone. Since I’m not athletic and I like to get dressed-up, dancing was at the top of my list. What a wonderful choice I made! AMWH has been more than learning experience to learn to dance. It has taught me a little about myself. It has given me confidence and a little more gracefulness. I now walk straight and tall, proud of the fact that I can dance! It is truly wonderful. Thank you all at AMWH.” –Linda Kicker

“Dancing at the studio changed my life.  Turning from a couch potato to dancing with the studio “stars” is magnificent.  Every time I have a scheduled lesson with one of the “stars,” it puts a big smile on my face and in my heart.” – Judy Young

“So, if you have the money to learn to dance, you should put it towards your retirement. However, if you’re not going to (and face it, you’re not), there is nothing you can spend your money on that is going to improve your life as much as learning to dance. If you want to have confidence in any social situation, simply from knowing you can do something with competence that every single person wishes they could (secretly or not), learn to dance. If you want to have a magical world to look forward to during your working hours, learn to dance. If you want your friends, family or coworkers to ask you with wonderment about that magical world, learn to dance. If you want to learn how the brain works, or what it means to never give up, no matter the frustration level is, learn to dance and keep learning. If you want to keep doing the social things you are doing now, trying to meet new people at the bars or at the gym, by all means, remain a ‘muggle’ and ignore the potential magic all around you. Before he died, John Wooden, the original wizard of Westwood, said his biggest regret in life was not learning to dance, despite how happy it would have made his wife: so, which you may not be able to accomplish all that he did, you can at least accomplish this.” –John Winters

 “Ballroom dancing and my dance studio have completely transformed my life in all ways possible, both emotionally and physically, and all for the better. The past few years have gifted me with the most amazing things that never would have happened if I hadn’t joined my studio: confidence in myself, tears of joy when I’ve competed well and all the months of hard work actually paid off, and the loss of 25 pounds! … Ballroom dancing gave me a new, invigorating life: the dancing itself, my teachers, my Dance Family of friends – they all fulfill my soul like nothing else has ever done, and at the end of the day, that’s all that should really matter. I began to discover who I truly am as a person when I started this journey, and with each new event or competition I participate in, I learn even more about myself. Therein lies the magic of ballroom dance. Whether you’re a competitor or just dancing for fun, it puts most of us out of our comfort zones, and because of that, it allows us to discover what we’re really capable of (which I’m starting to believe really is anything we put our minds to). In doing so, we also become part of surreal moments in time, lost in the rhythm, the music, our partner and the dance.” – Neerja Saxena 

“I love dance and expected to have a good time when my friend brought me to an open house last year; however, I had no idea how quickly AMWH would become my ‘dance home.’ Even though I live walking distance from another studio, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  There is so much to learn from everyone – it would be heaven to have lessons every day.  The staff is so very kind and incredibly talented, and I will always be grateful.”  -Deborah Saady 

We are truly grateful for all of the wonderful students that have become part of the Arthur Murray Woodland Hills family, and we always look forward to seeing each and every one of you.   

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