15 Things Your Teachers Don't Want You to Know!

15 Things Your Teachers Don’t Want You to Know

1. Whenever we get up to perform, we get nervous too!

2. Not only do we work and dance for 8 hours, but we often come in for a couple of hours before work to dance, and then go out dancing at night. Yes, we are a little dance crazy!

3. We think pivots are hard too!

4. Our best ideas come to us while we’re in the shower.

5. One more time NEVER means one more time.

 6. We learn just as much as you do on the coaching lessons.

 7. We hate doing school figure tests too…but we know how valuable it is.  

 8. When we say you’re doing a good job, we really mean it.

 9. We’ve injured ourselves more than once from those dangerous shoe brushes.

 10. We own more dance shoes than regular shoes (and that’s just the men).

 11. Let’s talk about the men’s dance shirts…the female staff is glad you finally get to experience what a onesie feels like.

 12. When we play that “one” song for your WHOLE lesson, we don’t even notice. Sorry!

 13. Urs and Agnes (and every other dance coach) make us nervous too!

 14. When we say it doesn’t hurt when you step on us, we lie!!!

 15. We get really excited when our students tell us they find themselves dancing in the aisles at the grocery store! 

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