My 100th Blog… The Weighing of the Heart – Changing Lives through Dancing

Friday, February 8, 2013


Ok, we’re here, our 100th blog! Wow, how can this be?! You have become my family, friends, critiques and idea givers. Thank you all for these past two years.

Untitled1The Weighing of the Heart was an Ancient Egyptian ritual. After death, the deceased’s heart was weighed on the scales of truth and justice, against the symbol of a feather. If their truth was not as light and free as a feather, their guilt would tilt the scales. If the scales balanced, this meant that they had a good life.

Now is a great weighing of the heart for me. What truths have I given, and what truths am I following? Recently on a run, my partner responded to a comment I made with, “Ok, but let’s pull the plank out of your eye so I can pull the splinter out of my eye!” Zap, he was right. I still am judgmental and see the tiny splinters of faults in others, while the plank of guilt is in my eye.

Just today, someone asked me to “tell them straight without all the niceties”. My response was that I will always try to be a polite and genuine person, never giving into the harshness that often accompanies a quick and fast decision making lifestyle. Life is so fast today, that when we add a friendly tone and take a moment to listen, it is seen as a weakness or fault of character. (I’ll always be a Southern Man!)

What will the next 100 blogs hold for me?  What will writing a book reveal to others? I pray that great, inspirational, and life changing ideas will flow from my fingers to the page. Life, bring it on, for every day holds the opportunity to learn and grow. At Arthur Murray’s, we share our celebrations, as well as our training opportunities, daily.  We share our victories, accomplishments, as well as the things we did not do so well. We share encouragement and ideas for continued success and for bettering ourselves. Our goals are to better ourselves daily, monthly, and yearly.

Untitled2 We have a 10K (6.2 mile) run this Sunday. Know why I love these races? It’s easy. You arrive and someone gives you a number to wear. Then you line up, the gun goes off and you start. You’re surrounded by scantily clad (freezing) people of all ages, sizes and abilities running together. You don’t have to think because the streets are closed off and you can run down the middle of the road for 6.2 miles. Along the path are hundreds of people cheering for you, and during the race someone hands you water at least twice. Close to the finish all the runners get excited. You hear the announcer at the finish line, and you sprint to the finish as you hear your name called over the PA system. At the end, you get congratulated and a finisher’s medal goes around your neck. The top runners even receive awards after the expo. There is so much FREE FOOD there, that you go home with a couple of extra pounds AFTER the run.

Don’t you wish life was that easy? You get up, someone gives you your purpose for the day, a map of directions, and guides you along an unimpeded path. You feel nothing but accomplishment and praise at the end of the day, and then you get an award for finishing (and food to boot!). Yet, we know life is not this way. There is an answer to making each day like a 10K: Make it happen for someone else! At races, I always watch the organizers. I look at the hundreds of volunteers who make the race happen. The police who keep us safe on the run, the groups who hand us water during the run, and realize that these people are taking joy in giving us their time to make the race great for us.

So, what have I learned on this 100th blog?  It’s this, I have to make magic for others in my life. I have to make the road easy for them and get them to their finish lines feeling on top of the world, full of pride and confidence.  Now is the time for me to make sure that I give back daily to all those around me. Along the way, I have to shout out “Great Job” “Looking Good” “You’re Almost There” “Keep on Going” “The Finish Line is Just Ahead”. So, the next time you see the street closed and hundreds of runners living a dream as they run, take that energy and example with you and give that promise of hope to others in their daily lives. (Maybe, even enter a race sometime!)


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: We Begin A New Exciting Journey

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