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Friday, February 1, 2013


Untitled1Wow, next week is my 100th blog!!! What a thrill this has been to write, and hopefully be an inspiration to others. To tell you the truth, this has changed my life. I have written about J. Clair and Troy Woodbury, my family, my 36 years with Arthur Murray Studios, good health, rough surgeries, success, failure, sadness and happiness. The main blessing has been to share how much I love dancing, and sharing that love with others.

I have learned… to be a good listener. Now, so many readers come to me with ideas because they know I write them down and then blog about them. Also, everyone has a great story to tell, they just need a good set of listening ears. To be a good writer means to be real. Reality is being happy now where I am, in the present, in the now… and I AM happy in my life.  It’s so good to know that no one can take away my peace of mind and contentment in life.

A big lesson I learned is that there is someone who can make me miserable. There’s someone who bothers me, pesters me and rubs me the wrong way every day. I’ve learned to be patient and live with them through much long suffering and prayer. I’ve wanted to go off on this person so many times, yet I stay calm. This person caused all my grief and 99% of all my problems. OK, hold on… that person is ME! Yes, I am the great pain in the butt who causes most of my problems.

No one else can make us feel bad, we do it to ourselves. Someone else may bully us, or test us, or even challenge us, but in the end, we have the choice to see the light and know that all good things are working for our good. When I step back and look at the big picture, I can see that what is happening around me is making me stronger, wiser, and more patient. I welcome life’s challenges, for I know they are preparing me for greatness.

Untitled2Another big lesson is controlling my thoughts and speech. No one wants to be around a grumpy and sullen person.  Sometimes I’m both (that confession hurts), but I am always trying to be a happier and more pleasant person. The easiest way to control the mouth, from Roz DeBeve, is to follow God’s mathematics. We have two ears and one mouth, so to be successful in life, listen twice as much as we speak! Most of the time a moment of silence allows the person you’re with to think and feel as if we are listening to them.

As for writing the blogs, it’s been a refuge for me. As I write, I feel safe, happy, content, and grateful for a full and wonderful life.  These brief moments are as Jacques DeBeve says, “Golden Moments” of reflection. You would never know that my blogs are always written at the front desk of the studio, during the busiest times of the day, with a million things happening around me, plus a ton of interruptions. Somehow that works together to form the thoughts and shape each blog.

100 things I have learned through blogging… I have to let go of 100 things each day to be happy. Let go of the small irritations, the small inconveniences and the brief moments that seem to take over my mind. Isn’t it amazing that we dwell on a small negative thought for moments, hours, or even days, and forget to think of the truly wonderful things in our lives. I always have a decade rosary with me and it helps me pull my mind and thoughts away from the negative, especially when I’m lost in a spiral of negative thought. Find your own method of redirecting your thoughts and you will find happiness will make a home in your heart.

Now, on to the future. I am putting all my blogs together and using them for training in life and at the studio. Also, all this writing gave me an unction to complete two books I started writing in 1997. Can you believe this, I found several computer discs that had ALL my notes perfectly saved. I purchased a cool new netbook and away I go writing and saving to Dropbox every day. Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: My 100th… You Have Been Weighed in the Balance

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