Dealing with the Tough Questions – Changing Lives through Dancing

Friday, January 25, 2013


“Why am I here?” “Where am I going in my life?” “What will I be doing in the future?” “What do I do next?”

“Who can give me answers, who can I talk to?” “How do I move forward in my life?” “Can someone help me change and start a new life?”  Yes, there are tough questions.

Untitled1Ever feel lost? Ever feel you are doing the same thing over and over and going no where? On the outside do you seem to ‘have it all’ going for you, but inside you are full of self doubt and lacking in direction? I think many times all of us question where we are and where we are going. We doubt or regret decisions and don’t know where to turn next.  On the other hand, I have seen some people who said they were lost, but they were so busy quickly moving forward that they could not see the amazing daily changes they were making.

Sometimes change is accompanied by a flurry of activity, followed by a lull, interrupted by a life conflict, and realized only by the patient passing of time. There are times when I was so busy and moving forward so rapidly, that I didn’t have time to ask any questions. I am often asked, “Are you always this happy and up and motivated?” I always respond, “No, I’m not. I get depressed like anyone else. The only difference is that I have to schedule it. Next Sunday, between 3 and 5 PM I have a couple of hours and I’ll sulk ….….NOT!” If those two hours did open I would fill them with a run at the beach, hammering out my paperwork at my desk, sending a note, or writing my book. Time is the platinum and gold of life; it is scarce, extremely valuable, and precious.

I have one HUGE fear in my life. No, it’s not public speaking or performing. If a live TV camera came up to me I’d ask what they wanted me to talk about (this has happened to me). I can speak in front of thousands without nerves and I can perform in front of hundreds with joy in my heart. My greatest and deepest fear is getting lost driving my car. I panic. I cannot stand getting lost and not knowing where I am or where I am going. It is a curse. Even a detour sets me into a fright.

What is a scarred weenie like me going to do? Well, here comes the Garmin and Google Maps. Thank you Lord for these two inventions. I enter my destination in Google Maps, it shows me the full map, the distance, approximate time in travel, and even traffic conditions. How cool is this…Google Maps even gives me alternate routes. Get this, this application is on my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone for crying out loud!  I love it! I click Navigation and the nicest lady starts talking.

The sweet voice on my phone says, “Continue one mile then turn left”.  If you get off track, she says, “Recalculate”, and gives you new directions. If you alter her route, she finds you and continues to redirect you. As you get closer, she says, “Your destination is 1000 feet on the right”. And finally, “You have reached your destination”, and a photo of your desired location appears on the phone.  MY FEARS ARE GONE! Now, I just wish I could have a Google Maps for my life.

I’d love to hack the Google phone so she would say, “I told you to turn left and you didn’t listen to me. Now you have to turn around”.  Also, I’d love to change her response to, “Recalculating again because you never listen to me and you hate taking directions. Stop, listen to me and I’ll get you to your destination”. Crazy ideas but they make me laugh, and oh the possibilities!

Untitled2What truly is our guide in life when we have to ask the truly tough questions? I think the mentors around us are there to instruct us, only if we ask them.  You know on the freeway, there are raised pavement markers called ‘Botts Dots’. Imagine the inventor of those dots trying to sell the idea to the government. “I propose that you glue little white dots on the freeway to keep people in their lanes.” What we take for granted today took courage at one point to sell. In life, we also have “dots” to keep us on track. We have the inner voice that tells our conscious what to do, our build in good sense to give us strength to make the right decisions. We have unctions that tell us to ask the right questions from the right people at the right times.

In my life, I want to be the person with the right answers to the tough questions. I want to be there when someone comes to me on their last leg, hanging on to their last thread.  Also, to have a great answer for the person who is at the top, riding the crest of success and at the top their game, who also may need guidance.  Everything that has come my way, where I am today, all has made me the person I am who wants to give service to others and somehow guide others through the valleys, and also help them soar over the mountain tops.

If you have a tough question, seek out a friend and reach out.  If you have your answer, act on it and make a change in your life.  Then, give back.  Be a mentor for someone who needs a helping hand, a good lead, a word in time. Next week is blog 99, then 100. We have to celebrate.  Stay tuned!


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: One Hundred Things I have learned through blogging!

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