How to Achieve All Your Goals in 2013 – Changing Lives through Dancing

Friday, January 11, 2013


Wow, I’m excited! I have been back to the gym, been back to Weight Watchers, entered a 10K, and I’m dancing my little tootsies off! This is going to be a great year. Last week we spoke about changing our attitudes and I thought about it all week.  The only way to have a new attitude is to take new action in our lives. 

It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to dance more this year,” “I’m going to loose weight and visit the gym,” “I’m going to write a book,” or, “I’m going to learn a new language,” and then fail to achieve a great result because we didn’t follow up our words with action. In order to accomplish all our goals in 2013, we must take action to make those goals realities in our lives.

 Untitled1You know what, it takes a bit of effort to make this happen. We must first set our goals, then write them down, then set a game plan of how we are going to get the ball rolling.  True achievement of ambitions is practically a 24/7 task. We must start the day fresh. We can’t stay up until 2:30 AM watching You Tube or playing Angry Birds. We must get our rest and plan on an early start the next day.

We begin our mornings with our thoughts of praise, light, great health, and being filled with light and healing. Then, we manage our thoughts first thing in the morning to be able to see the tasks ahead. We exercise our bodies, fill ourselves with health fuel through a great diet, and plan ahead so we arrive at our place of service, work, or study, fresh and ready for success. 

During our days, keep our 2013 Goals posted for quick referral. Have them printed on the fridge, the computer monitor, automobile dashboard, in our notebooks, and posted on our office walls. Try asking others what their goals are as well, and sharing your personal dreams with them. End each conversation with words of affirmation and encouragement. 

Set up checkpoints throughout the week for when to practice your dancing, when to run, workout, or swim. Keep track of our rest, foods, and hydration, so we stay on track. Mark your progress using an App, or do it with a friend. Put a calendar in the kitchen or track your progress on your smart phone. Whatever you do, take action and make something new happen in your life. 

Ok, for discouragement, let’s discuss it. You’re going to be excited about exercising for about a day, and then you’re not going to want to do it again. We’re going to want a donut, a croissant, or want to go back to our holiday fare of unbelievable amounts of sweets. It’s just going to happen so work through it. The other night I was grumpy all the way to the gym, crabby and cranky. Only until the end was I happy, then I was very proud of myself that I just did it and did not listen to my whining.

Exercise: Make a Dream Sheet for 2013. Put on it all your favorite ballroom dancing events. Plan your vacations, concerts, visits to Disneyland, and all your Arthur Murray Competitions and Foot Races! Go wild and map out your weight goal for the year. Put marks at weeks 13, 26, and 39 and plan to celebrate on week 52 of the year. Now, show your dream sheet to a friend, your doctor, your employees, your customers. Tell them all that you are going to do it! 

As I grow older, I realized that every day is a new beginning.  I have the opportunity to make the right decisions in my life each day. I have the ability to right the wrongs I have done and reinforce the good decisions in my life. So sometimes I mess up, I’m sorry for that, but I’m going to pull myself up, learn from my mistakes and try again to be my best. Each failure holds another possibility for success. 

Untitled2What is the fuel for all this goal setting and excitement? I believe it is through helping others. Guiding those around us to achieve and realize their dreams. Taking what is most precious to those of you reading this, your time, and giving those moments to others. Listening to someone who is “new” and making them feel that they are important. A beautiful diamond necklace may be lost if one link bends and breaks open. The precious jewels are lost because a tiny link failed its job in the chain. Our fabulous laptops and readers and super phones are useless without their batteries being fully charged and linked to a system that provides all the knowledge and information we require. Go recharge someone’s batteries and help them achieve their goals, and see what happens to YOUR dreams!  They will come true!


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury 

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