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Friday, January 4, 2013 

Happy New Year to you all!  Ok, today I stepped on the scales then went on a run. I’m back to my healthy eating regime and packing my gym bag for those after studio visits to the pool and working on my abs.

As I write this, I am filled with a new focus and strength.  I’m finding out that when I exercise, the “gook” of life does not bother me as much.  The focus of the day changes from all my worries and problems to, “I’ve got to pack my gym bag for my workout”, “I have to get up early tomorrow for my run”, “Hey, I have to enter the next 10K today to get my early bird discount!”

Yes, the exercise part of my goals is going to be rewarding.  Perhaps the best part of getting “back on track” is the memory of what it has felt like in the past to be on the right path. My current goals are having my ideal weight, keeping to my good food and portion plan, and focusing more on preparing my own foods, rather than eating out.

Untitled1The memories of having great energy are coming back because TODAY I have great energy.  I feel hope for success, happiness, and good health going through me. To make a change, resume a healthy plan, or just to start up from scratch, requires a lot of energy.  Someone just asked me about the best part of going to the gym, and I said that it was solely the success of just having gone that motivated me.  Now, I know that I will keep on going and experience the great results that I so greatly desire.

 What’s different this time getting back on track? Well, for one thing, I will not go through a guilt trip and beat myself up for gaining a few pounds.  Now, I’m just excited and full of eager anticipation for the months of success ahead.

On New Year’s Eve, I entered my first 10K for 2013.  It is right in Santa Monica, and is within walking distance of my home. I even received a discount from Facebook for entering early! The moment I received my confirmation I felt great.  The thoughts of, “Wow, this is going to be exciting” and “I can’t wait to get back to my training” are flowing through my mind and heart. 

As for today’s title, Change Your Attitude, well, it did change my attitude.  It is so difficult to control negative thinking. Why is that?  What makes negative thinking so powerful and easy to do?  I just don’t know, but I do know that positive thinking takes hard work and purpose of thought.  To be filled with good thoughts in the morning about getting up, exercising, and going to work require practice.  I have heard it called “The Habit of Happiness” and it is an acquired skill, that when put into practice over a long period of time, becomes nature.

Untitled2My greatest trial in life is negative thinking. I make a daily decision to be a positive thinker.  Keeping my language clean, my words wholesome, and my thoughts pure is my greatest challenge. I don’t want to be one of those people who is one way in a “have to” situation, and a completely different person in another part of my life where I “don’t have to”.  My motto is …always be the same person.  Someone is going to find the real you out and discover who you truly are, so you might as well be your best person all the time!

 Here’s an exercise… Practice going through the day with a smile.  Greet others upon seeing them with a kind word or affirmation. When asked a question, respond with, “I’ll be happy to help you”. Listen with genuine interest and respond with grace and poise. Be patient and listen to what others are saying, and wait for their response.  As a young boy, I stuttered so badly that I had to attend the Bill Wilkerson School of Speech Therapy in Nashville, TN.  I had a strong speech impediment and had to attend for several years.  Even now, I stutter, but no one knows as I disguise it.  I find that when I do hesitate, and don’t respond quickly enough, everyone always responds for me.  I have realized that I was doing this same thing to others, and now I am working hard to listen and wait for the other person to reply. Go forward with a Fresh New Attitude and with listening hearts!


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: How to Achieve all your Goals in 2013 (Starting Core Rhythms in January in Woodland Hills!)

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