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Friday, December 28, 2012


You’re not going to believe this, but here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

1.     I gained 10 pounds in the Fall, now off they go!

2.     Return to the gym regularly and get in Great Shape!

3.     Have a Good Attitude and Count my Blessings Daily!

4.     Live each day in good service to others, always with a smile!

Untitled1Yes, I have made these resolutions and I plan to keep them. My doctor just said lose weight, but make sure I keep on enjoying life. So portion control here I come! I am still running, but I want to run for fitness, not to continue losing weight.

For my faith, I am still serving at St. Monica’s and trying to live as an example to others. I stay scheduled to serve regularly and that keeps me focused and out of trouble!

For the dance studio, I have dreams and hopes and aspirations to become even better in my dancing and in my ability to give dance instruction. I think that I could better use all my skills to my fullest potential, so now I’m ready to give my best daily from my past 36 years of experience and training.

My home goal is to always be a nice person. To always keep a smile and a good attitude every day. You know, it’s a challenge to walk in character when you are not at your job or place of service.  It’s not always easy to be pleasant when you’re not on the clock! I think my biggest test is maintaining a good daily constitution. My dad always said, “Be sweet Miz Woodbury” to my mom and she would smile and then deliver a good word to us.

2013 is going to be a big year for Arthur Murray Studios. We are in our 101st year of teaching the world to dance. The economy seems to be improving and I think that everyone who has been waiting to begin their dance programs will start next year! We are growing by leaps and bounds and I think the Woodland Hills Arthur Murray Studio will have a banner year in 2013!

Untitled2Here is a challenge for you: Pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit quietly with a pen and paper, and write out all your dreams and goals. Then, come back to them several times and finally, draw up a final draft of your 2013 resolutions. Post them on your fridge, in your bathroom cabinet, post them in your car and pin them up at your work place. Look at them daily and visualize achieving them all. Guess what? You’ll find that you can and will achieve them all with a little focus and effort.

Clean out your house and car. Set out three bags: Trash, Give Away, Keep.  Go through and de-clutter. At work, clean out your planner and desk. Organize your computer files and simplify your papers. Clean out your closets and free up some space.

At work, try to tackle a new skill and achieve a new goal. Read a daily devotional. With your exercise plan, mark a daily calendar and get on the scales. Start shopping for healthy foods, learn to exercise control, and learn to say “NO” when it comes to overeating or drinking too much.

My number one goal is to give back in 2013.  To give back as a good partner, a faithful steward, a trusted employee, a valued team member and a loyal friend. Try to follow this advice from my good friend Roz DeBeve. She always said, “Use God’s mathematics…we have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak and you’ll be a success!”

After reading this, I hope a lot of new resolutions go up on many fridges.  Take a chance, take a leap of faith and make a difference in this wonderful New Year!


Thank you!

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: How to Change Your Attitude! (Starting Core Rhythms in January in Woodland Hills!)

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