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Friday, December 14, 2012


From the Author, Stephen Viscusi, Bulletproof Your Job, comes the idea of how to keep your job in these turbulent times. One of the secrets he stated was: Be Easy, Be Visible, Be Useful, Be Ready. This statement hits such a resounding note in my heart and mind that I have made it a part of my daily life, not just my work experience.

My mom always said, “Stand up straight”. Colonel Woodbury said, “Pull your shoulders back and hold your head up”. I remember at 94, when daddy had shrunk down to a short man, he stood erect and greeted everyone with a great handshake and a wonderful hello. Now, I always remember to stand tall and hold my head up.

In living up to my potential, I try to be Easy in all I am asked to do. Being Visible and letting others see that I’m available to assist is my habit. In every area of life, I aim to be Useful to everyone that I’m around in every situation.  Then, being Ready to take action using the wisdom and knowledge that I possess.

When I would walk down Church Street in the heart of Nashville, I remember everyone saying to my dad as I walked with him, “Hello Mr. Woodbury,” “Hello Colonel Woodbury,” “Hey Troy”. He did not know a stranger, and he had a smile and a greeting for all.  As a boy, I felt that my dad could do anything for anyone. He was the example of a life lived to the fullest.

In the following years, I became a speaker for Arthur Murray International. Before I would have a talk, I would call daddy, and we would talk over my upcoming presentation. We would then have a prayer, over the phone, that my words would be inspired to motivate others.  Now, I still “call” daddy in my prayers and ask him for his blessing. I stand tall and try to let the words of wisdom flow from my heart.

What is your potential? What is your vision of being your best? For me, it is using all the skills that I learned from my family, the many years of training at Arthur Murray Studios from my great coaches and teachers. I also use all the training skills from being a runner most of my life.

During the Northridge earthquake in 1994, I remember awakening to a home full of broken glass and chaos. I remember reaching for my flashlight on my bed stand, and it had been thrown across the room. As I went to my kitchen, I saw in horror the floor was covered with my broken Waterford crystal, mixed in with pieces of my good china, the contents of my opened fridge, and all my spilled dried goods.

As I threw away all my broken treasures, I vowed to use my good crystal and china for the rest of my life.  I would not allow another day to go by without eating off my good dishes.  If they get broken, it will be from using them, not storing them! This has become a theme in my life, “Eat off your good dishes” in every area of life.  I share with others to always be their best, dance their best and act their best.  I say, “Dance to your full potential”, “Live your day to the fullest”. This always brings a smile to others and they understand that NOW is the time to shine and use all of our gifts.

Well, next week the world is coming to an end on the 21st and I have a blog just for the event. But, just in case we survive Armageddon, promise yourself to live your life doing what you love, with the people you care about, and make a difference in everyone’s life with whom you come in contact.


Thank You,

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: The World is Going to End December 21st

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