The Four Personality Types – Changing Lives through Dancing

Friday, December 7, 2012


Growing up in Nashville, TN in the 50’s, we just thought people were nice or nasty, happy or sad, crazy or quiet. We thought of people as being helpful or being a hindrance. We knew to stay away from the grumpies, and hang around the fun people.  We all knew someone who could help us at any time and we could ultimately turn to them for help.

In today’s new world, we now have everyone in a type cast.  These are called Personality Types.  I looked up on the internet and found that there are hundreds of these types listed. We seem to meet someone new and the first thing we are doing before hearing them or seeing something wonderful about them, we categorize them in our minds and form what we are going to say to them and how we are going to say it.

Where are the days when we spoke to someone and realized that “first impressions” are not always correct? Sometimes the contents of the book are not the cover we see. Perhaps that new cross, complaining, customer might just happen to be a very happy person and the spark of joy at their home and place of work. That shy person is truly very outgoing, but they are having a bad day.

Here are two examples of Personality types (sometimes referring to introversion or extroversion):

Creators – Those who throw out knowledge.                                          

Refiners – Those who find flaws in the ideas.

Executers– These people tell us how we’ll do it.

Advancers– These make decisions and they get things going.



Sanguine – A super extrovert, the social type who will promise the world to make friends.

Choleric – A dominant, strong and decisive personality that centers on getting things done by whatever means


Melancholy– An individual focused on assessment of positives and negatives, preparing lists, and general analysis.

Phlegmatic– This is the person who wants to please others and is usually the peace maker.

Wow, I’m overwhelmed just from reading all about this.  This is my advice, just give people a chance.  I think that everyone has a spark of life inside of them. All souls have a hidden gem-like quality.  Remember, the beautiful diamond that you see set in gold was once a lumpy piece of coal, buried under pressure for many, many years.  Then, when the diamond was found it is usually in a cluster of other diamonds. It takes a master diamond cutter to study the stone and then cut it to make the perfect jewelry that we so admire.

Are we willing find the “diamonds in the rough”? Are we willing to give others a chance to let their hidden qualities “shine”? In the beginning of my career, I had several people say that I was not going to make it in the dance world.  My best friend said I was a terrible dancer and that I should quit.  Wow, I have out lasted that for the past 36 years of my current Arthur Murray career!

Thank God no one ever gave up on me. Thank God many, many great teachers believed in me.  Now, I am trying to be that mentor for others by seeing the greatness in them and developing the hidden champion in side of them. My mom and dad were always great with letting me be who I was, loving me, and accepting me for who I am. I hope to pass this acceptance on to others.

Ok, go put yourself in a “bracket”….then BREAK out of it and live a wonderful life!


Thank You,

David Earl Woodbury


Next Week: Living to Your Potential

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