Believing is Seeing – Health and Fitness through Dancing

Friday, November 9, 2012


Dance is such a public thing.  You put yourself out there in front of others for them to see you just as you are.  I think I like it.  When I am dancing in front of others, it is one of the most relaxing times in my life. It is the happiest moment in my existence.  Giving joy to others, through my performance with my partner, makes me feel safe, relaxed, and full of the energy.

The moments before dancing a show can be trying.  There are nerves, breakdowns, malfunctions, drama, and minds that go blank.  Yet, you walk on the floor and the lights are on just you and your partner. You hear the music, and the magic begins.  The muscle memory takes over and the dance guides your body through the well rehearsed moves. The music stops and the applause begins.  Once again, the dance has worked it’s mysterious wonder.

So many times, I see a new dancer take to the floor and they are about to faint from their nerves.  Then, I see them on the floor becoming more alive moment by moment.  Their smile comes from within and they are truly transformed into a dancer.  They come off the floor to a host of cheers and compliments, and the direction of their life is forever changed.

Truly, believing is seeing as you witness a new dancer’s dreams come true. The inception of the idea, the months of preparation, and the endless rehearsals pay off. Yet, I have been asked to emcee, dance, perform, judge, and organize at a moments notice.  There have been shows where I was sitting watching others dancing, and unplanned I was called to the floor to dance a solo with a new partner in front of hundreds of dancers.  Those have been some of the most exciting moments of my dancing life.  My memories from those experiences are…WOW, that was exhilarating!

There were times when my partner and I began to weep, while dancing during a show, from the emotions of the moment.  We both became caught up in the instant, and the energy of the dance flowed from us.  Then there were other times where we were whispering unspeakable words to each other during competitions, while we were dancing with ivory smiles of gritted teeth. All dancers have these stories to share, trust me!

I remembering dancing after the death of each of my parents, and wondering how I could possibly be smiling. Yet the healing power of the dance emanated through my partner and me. I’ve danced with the flu, with injuries, in a sling after shoulder reconstruction, in a back brace and with broken toes. I’ve danced in fountains turned into dance floors, on carpet, grass, runways six feet high and 3 feet wide.  I’ve danced on ships at sea and revolving restaurants overlooking famous cities. 

Yes, looking backing over 36 years, I can truly tell you that dancing is real magic.  It keeps you young, happy, healthy, and away from the blues.  Dancing will challenge you, reward you, test you, and transform you. 

Try this: Visualize yourself dancing on a fantastic ballroom floor, spotlights just on you, hundreds of souls watching you and clapping for you.  Imagine sweeping across the floor and bowing at the end to the applause of your audience.  Fantasize about coming off the floor to all the hugs and compliments.  Now, realize this thought and make it happen, at least once in your life.  You’ll never forget it and you will forever be transformed.

Yes, I have lived as a ballroom dancer.  It has been my all and God willing, will continue to be my life for many, many years to come.  I love what I do and I love dancing.  Give it a try.  It will give you new life, new energy, and new direction!


Thank You,

David Earl Woodbury


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