DWTS Season 14, Semi-Finals

Tuesday, May 15, 201

I can’t believe we are down to the semi-finals already!  Last week my predictions were correct with a double elimination…Roshon Fegan and Melissa Gilbert left the show. Four stars will dance two dances, and only three will make it to the finale. I have no idea how I’m going to predict this week?
William and Cheryl danced a straight forward, sharp, clean Tango.  Not the usual passion we are used to seeing, but well done.  Ten worthy?  No… but still a Score of 28.  Now, his Samba had ALL of his usual latin steam.  The performance was well balanced with lots of Samba moves, playfulness, and heat!  The confidence of this guy is amazing!  Score 30.
Katherine and Mark’s Quickstep had a few foot mistakes, but otherwise it was high energy and full of difficult choreography.  Carrie Ann said it was the best ever on DWTS, which is a bit crazy.  Katherine all season has been beautiful to watch, but this dance was not ten worthy.  Score 29.  I wasn’t a fan of Katherine and Mark’s Salsa.  I don’t know if it was the belly dancer music or the corniness of the theme, but it lost the gritty, authenticity of the Salsa.  In order to make it to the finals this week, everything has to come together perfectly.  Score 27.
Donald and Peta’s Waltz had artistry and technique.  I want to give him a ten, but darn I have to be fair to the others. He had a few footwork errors and Len was right, a few times in dance position he wasn’t looking to the left.  Donald did however tap into his emotion, as it had the POTENTIAL of a perfect routine.  And…Bruno gave him a ten?  Score 28.  Then, there was the Samba.  It was probably the most jammed packed routine he has done to date.  Donald has a way of being so charming on the dance floor, and again he was!  No ten from Len, Score 29.
So often it’s the men that shine in the Argentine Tango routines. Not this time, Maria delivered big time!  Her routine with Derek was sharp and crisp!  Her foot placement and leg lines were spot on.  The only routine that was 10 worthy!  The judges delivered… Score 30.  Maria’s second dance, the Jive, was so inventive, playful, and enjoyable!  And Derek, he is way beyond his years!  Score 29.
To figure out who is going to be eliminated this week seems like a monumental task.  They all have been so strong.
This is the breakdown:
William is hot, likable, and talented…he’s in.
Donald, though technically he’s a little notch below the others, is charming and a sports figure you want to root for…he’s in.
Maria through the weeks has become such a strong contender and tonight has huge momentum…she’s in. Katherine has been elegant and so delightful.  If the show ended last week, I would call her the winner, but since tonight wasn’t her best night (though amazing by usual standards), she’s out.
Christy Melgoza
Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills
Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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