DWTS Season 14, Week 8

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


6 Stars remain and a double elimination is coming.  Last night had 2 dances, a Ballroom round and a trio round.  First the Ballroom round…

Donald sold the Tango this week with strong movement and sharp transitions.  His frame has improved, but he still needs to pull up and be taller.  Donald’s footwork was good, but his steps often were a little wide like a Cowboy.  Score 27

The connection in Maria and Derek’s Viennese Waltz is very believable.  Can we say “Ballroomance”!   There was a lot of caressing which helped the routine connect to the music and to each other.  Of course, Len thought it was entirely too much. When they did use the proper Ballroom frame, she looked fabulous!   Score 28

Melissa and Maks were at it again.  Same script, different week.  Rehearsal went like this…Maks yelled, Melissa cried, Maks was bleeped and… bleeped.  This way of teaching really frustrates me!  Any dance instructor across the Arthur Murray organization would be fired immediately for treating any pupil that way… and they should.  As for the FoxTrot routine, I thought it suffered.  Her feet were often lifting up off the floor and she had a section where she lost it.  The remainder of the routine she pulled together and did a good job.  Score 24

Katherine and Mark danced a classic Viennese Waltz.  Her technique was really good, her posture and head position were elegant, and movement was smooth.  I felt the straight forward classic approach was nice, but contrary to Maria’s performance as it lacked a connection.  Score 26

Roshon made it another week and he needed a great performance to stay around.  Roshon and Chelsie stepped up with a very smooth and controlled FoxTrot. He was gliding from step to step and had a really strong frame.  When they broke apart, he was like Fred Astaire and made it look so easy!  Well Done!  Score 29

Ladies, ballroom spoiler… William Levy was in a full tail suit and was still hot!  The Latin lover delivered ballroom at a respectable level.  William and Cheryl’s FoxTrot was divine.  It was well balanced with cool and jazzy parts.  He is in it to win it!  Score 30

The second routine for the stars was a trio.  They were able to pick one additional eliminated pro, or someone from the dance troupe, for a 3 person number.

Here’s the run down… Donald’s Jive was fast and fun with the addition of Karina, a great use of three people!  Score 28.  Clever choreography from Derek with a Bollywood inspired Samba that kept you interested.  Although I would have liked to see more body rhythm from Maria. Score 25.  Melissa came alive in her Samba with the Chmerkovskiy brothers.  A lot of Samba and great body rhythm.  Score 27.  Katherine, Mark, and Tristan had a clever and cool Cha Cha.  Despite a wardrobe malfunction, she did well (it was not ten worthy).  Score 29.  Roshon was on fire last night!  His Paso Doble with Sasha and Chelsie was so strong and sharp!  He is mastering control over those skinny legs and feet.  Score 27.  Another Paso Doble for Willliam and Cheryl, with the addition of Tony. They had a good story and he always looks natural no matter what dance is handed to him.  Score 27.

This week is tough to make a prediction because the couples whose Ballroom routines I liked the best, I liked their trios the least, and vice-versa.  Melissa pulled through on the trio, but overall I think she should be next to go.  Ahhh, the second eliminated star is really tough, but because Roshon was stellar this week,  I’m going to say Donald.  I sure hope Katherine has some fans!


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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