DWTS Season 14, Week 7

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This week is classical week.  As for last week, my predictions came true… Roshon and Gladys were the bottom two, with Gladys being eliminated. Gladys was a class act and had a descent amount of talent.  Unfortunetley, not enough for this season.

Starting off classical week is our classical singer, Katherine Jenkins, performing a Rumba with Mark.  Not only is she a classical singer, but she must be classically dance trained to some degree.  The arch in her feet and ankles are amazing!  The leg lines are from training for sure, not the amateur.  Can somebody please tell DWTS to put some shirts on these men, it is a bit overdone for this season.  Score 27

So pretty much the group numbers are entertaining, but as far as actually making a difference in the competition, it doesn’t.

Next up was Melissa Gilbert and her injured partner, Maks, performed an Argentine Tango.  Maks has a cyst in his foot, creating a potential problem for Melissa having to rely on him, and maybe his brother will have to take his place.  Maks did dance with Melissa and she had on a weird dress for this routine, it seems out of place and too soft for this dance.  It’s a good routine, but unfortunately for them, there has been some really good Argentine Tango’s this season, and this pales in comparison.  The music, the dress, the lack of passion or connection really took its toll on this one.  Score 21 (I don’t think it was that weak)

William Levy and Cheryl performed a beautiful Viennese Waltz.  Unfortunately, William has his recurring ankle injury, but is sucking it up to get his job done.  His movement was good, but with the smoke on the ground you can’t really see his feet, good trick.  He did a good job with staying on the rhythm because his song had a really soft beat and some professionals would have trouble hearing it.  He made it look graceful and has a way of bringing emotion to every dance.  Score 27

The next Argentine Tango was performed by Roshon and Chelsea.  Needing to pull his act together this week because he was in the bottom two last week and narrowly escaped, he worked on his masculinity with Val Chmerkovskiy.  I thought this was classical week, why did they play “Bad Romance” from Lady Gaga?  Anyhow, that being said, his performance was strong, interesting, clean and confident.  I still agree with the judges that he needs to work on his legs and feet to ground himself, and not look so wobbly.  Score 25

On to Donald Driver and Peta’s performance of a Viennese Waltz.  His movement and footwork was good, but he still needs to work on his posture.  This was a classical Viennese Waltz, and classical steps and style it had!  Len was actually spot on, stating his footwork was great, but the fleckarel (a step where the couple turns in one spot) was a mess.  Score 27

Maria Menounos and Derek were up next performing a Paso Doble.  Oh really, she came out as a vampire with fangs.  She has good control, and she was really clean with no visible mistakes.  This was one of the best performances of the night.  It had a great balance of steps, story, and intensity. Eventually, I warmed up to the fangs. This was good enough to warrant  the first perfect score of the season!  Score 30

Last up was Jaleel White and Kym performing a Viennese Waltz.  This was a very difficult one to hear, as this beat seemed really obscure.  Kudos for just being able to hear it and dance on time.  Not only was it a fast song, but Kym packed it with steps and had a lot going on.  The artistry was lost a bit, probably because of the amount of content within it.  Score 24

The night ended with the team competition, and the winning team collecting more points for their weekly score.  Up first was Team Tango, with Jaleel, Katherine, Roshon, and Maria.  Beginning of the dance was Very Cool and impressive with good performance quality coming out of everyone.  This was a really good routine, but I wanted more dancing out of the group because the formation portions were the best part of it.  Score 27

The final performance of the night was team Paso Doble, with Donald, William, and Melissa.  The beginning was good, very dramatic with the flames and music.  The individual performances were hit and miss, with a variety of mistakes and good parts.  Donald was the highlight of this group.  Cool routine, but not as clean. So, pretty much the group numbers are entertaining, but as far as actually making a difference in the competition, it doesn’t.  Score 26

Though this season started out truly impressive, the dust has settled and with each dance, strengths and weakness have shown their face.  My bottom two this week are Melissa and Jaleel.  They both have executed difficult ballroom moves, but need to develop the artistry and performance aspects.  My prediction leaving this week is Melissa.


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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