DWTS Season 14, Week 6

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Oh no, I knew this one was coming…  Say good-bye to Gavin DeGraw.  Nice job Gavin, there is just stiff competition this season.

Motown week was kicked off with some good, old school music and from Smoky Robinson and Martha Reeves.  The original artists were there to sing live while the couples danced.  Too cool!

One of the original Motown legends, Gladys Night, danced a Rumba to “My Girl”.  They brought back some of the cool Motown moves, but lacked in the Rumba technique.  In this type of Rumba, you are supposed to step on a straight leg throughout this dance, which she didn’t do.  Elegant, but overall very average.  Score 21

Maria and Derek danced a classic FoxTrot, while Martha Reeves sang live.  Maria stood tall and elegant, and had a nice stretched left position.  Though she had a few timing issues, she moved well across the floor. Not my favorite dance from her, but well done!  Score 26

Roshon really struggled with the sensuality of the Rumba during the rehearsals, which left me wondering how he was going to pull this off.  Contrary to the judges comments, I think he did pull it off.  It was sexy, strong, and syncopated, well beyond his years.  Dancing live to Smoky Robinson was a bonus.  Only two points above Gladys… come on!  Score 23

Katherine and Mark tore it up while dancing a Samba to The Temptations.  Her Samba had it all:  bounce, funk, and fun!  Katherine is the one competitor that has control of her OWN movement and timing, which is unusual at this level of dancing (and she’s gorgeous while doing it!).  Score 29

Donald Driver had the Motown swagger as he danced a FoxTrot to The Temptations.  His movement was smooth, but there was no mention from the judges about his terrible posture.  While his personality fit this type of FoxTrot, he also had some footwork errors that were missed.  Donald and Peta’s routine was good, so I guess the judges decided to overlook the details!  Score 27

Learning from Maks looks anything but inspiring and fun.  There has got to be a better way to get the best out of people.  None the less, Maks and Melissa danced a lovely, lyrical Viennese Waltz to Smoky Robinson. She is starting to let herself go in her routines, but you can still see some tension in her shoulders.  Again, no mention of missed footwork, but the rest of the complimentary judge’s comments were well deserved. Score 24

Jaleel landed in the bottom two last week and only survived by winning the dance dual against Gavin.  Last night, Kym and Jaleel danced a Cha Cha to The Temptations and the judges loved it!  For me, Jaleel is a bit of an enigma.  He is sharp and crisp with his movements, but that can also make him look too stiff.  Jaleel needs to work on having contrast of slow and quick movements because right now all of his dances look the same.  The judge’s scores make me seem crazy.  Two 10’s!  Score 29

The next routine went something like this… Line, hold, line, hold, wiggle, rub.  Cheryl and William danced a sexy Rumba to Smoky Robinson and he looked good while he STOOD there.  I agree with Carrie Ann, there needs to be MORE content.  William did a good job with his lines, but the difficulty is going to have to go way up if he wants to be in the finals.  Score 27

Motown Marathon worked something like this… Every couple danced at the same time and one by one they got tapped out.  The top couple received 10 points, 9 for 2nd, and so on.  Those points got added to their totals for the evening.  Mark and Katherine were the last couple standing, which made their already high score of 29, a 39.  These creative secondary competitions are my least favorite part of the show.

As for the rest of the show, my bottom two predictions are Gladys and Roshon, with Galdys going home.


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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