DWTS Season 14, Week 5

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It was Latin night on Dancing with the Stars and Santana was playing, so you know it’s going to be a good night!  This is the best intro and exit music that DWTS has ever had.

Jaleel and Kim opened the show with a booty shaking Samba.  He is hoping to get high scores this week since his scores have been falling lately.  Jaleel was strong and convincing, but had a lot of fluttering feet, which seems to be a weak point so far.  He did sell this routine, and his body was a surprise!  The judges really liked it and gave him decent scores.  Score 24

Next in line was Melissa and Maks performing a Salsa.Is it just me, or are the open shirts on all the guys is getting a bit obnoxious? Their routine was very fast, and she doesn’t seem to have really had a chance to fully develop the actual Salsa technique. The transitions were the best part, that was where you can see her talent.  The judges confirmed my evaluation, in that the control was lost.  The judges actually got this one right, I mean agreeing with me.  Score 21

Maria and Derek were up next performing a Salsa, as well, and we will see if it’s better than Melissa’s. Although Derek dropping on her chin during rehearsal was pretty scary, it wasn’t serious.  However, ouch was the first response once she started dancing, since her hips looked like she was going to throw something out.  Maria hit the moves well, but (contrary to the judges) for me it lacked sex appeal and rhythm. Score 27

Katherine and Mark performed an Argentine Tango.  I cant believe she was in danger of going home last week, her talent is obvious and she is definitely one of the best dancers on this show.  Their Arg.Tango was crisp and clean with a lot of difficult lifts, and I don’t know if this could have been performed by anyone else on this show. They were spectacular and deserved 10’s all across the board! Almost all the judges agreed. Score 29

Gavin and Karina performed a Samba as well, and I was worried.  When he announced to the audience at his concert that he needed their votes, he wasn’t kidding.  He was on time and did what he was asked to do, but the posture struggled and the whole thing was a bit corny.  Great attitude, but Gavin went backwards this week and is going to need a miracle to keep up with the other guys left on the show.  Score 19

William and Cheryl did an Argentine Tango.  He certainly had good presence on the floor and firm hold through the chest.  He made a lot of nice lines and seemed to be in control, and leading Cheryl. This was hot and sexy, and pretty damn good, especially after that debacle last week.  Last night was a bazillion times better than the week before.  He brought sexy back!  Score 29

It was a busy week for Gladys and Tristan, with concerts in four different cities in four nights.  I must say she is selling this Samba very well and is already better than last week.  This is her most natural dance to date, but still lags behind the other contestants.  She is just not in the league of some of the other contestants, but she has personality to spare!  Score 22

After being in the bottom two last week, (that wasn’t from a lack of a high score, but obviously low votes), Roshon and Chelsie came out with a fierce Salsa.  He hit the beat well and looked like he would fit in at a Salsa club, Roshon can definitely shake it!  This boy is loose with his body which sometimes takes over his control.  Luckily, it was few and far between!  Score 26

Donald and Peta performed an Argentine Tango, and all of the Argentine Tango’s tonight received very high scores.  Donald did do a very good job, but just below the passion and intensity of William.  It was all very technical and well executed, but the routine fell a bit flat because of the lack of connection.  On any other night this would have been fantastic, but because of the other two excellent Argentine Tango’s, it comes in third.  Score 27

After the first two weeks, I didn’t think there was going to be much to write about as everyone was killing it. As the show has settled in, we are now seeing the ups and downs of the different dance styles.  This is the biggest spread thus far from 19-29.  The bottom three should be Gavin, Melissa, and Gladys, with only one in the true bottom…Gavin.


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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