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Friday, April 6, 2012


“The difficult I can do immediately. The impossible will take just a little longer”

Toni Yamin – Arthur Murray Dancer

Toni and I were dancing just a few days ago, and we were really ‘cutting the rug’ rehearsing the Charleston and the Hustle for the Arthur Murray Centennial Party. We were talking about making the dancing come alive and Toni quoted our title for today’s blog, “The difficult I can do immediately. The impossible will take just a little longer”. I was so astonished by what she said that I wrote it down immediately.

The inventions that we enjoy today were imagined by brilliant minds who were told, “You can’t do that”, “That will never work”, “That’s impossible”. Who would have thought that we could fly 18 hours around the world non-stop? Talk into a little plastic portable phone with someone answering on the other side of the earth? Or, be able to store all the writings in the National Library of Congress on a tiny portable memory stick?

Every day millions of people perform the difficult, but the true champions are always accomplishing the impossible. When Roger Bannister was trying to break the 4-minute mile, everyone said it was impossible. Since that historic race, thousands of runners have performed that feat.

Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, is a visionary. His bold prediction, popularly known as Moore’s Law, states that the number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years. This golden rule of decades will continue to be fulfilled with the announcement of the historic Intel® 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology. The impossible continues to be performed!

Do you think that something is too difficult in your life? Do you have a mountain that is impossible to move? Look around you for inspiration and see that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE if you just believe and are willing to focus to make it happen. We go to a dance competition with 50, 100, or 200 entries inside our bodies, minds and hearts.  How are we going to remember all that? If we just keep a song in our hearts, and memorize each routine just like a ballad, we can recall and perform each dance move easily.

The impossible experience of saying adieu to those I love has already happened in my life. The most difficult tasks of letting go have crossed my path.  Now I can say with a whole heart, “I’ll make it!” I can do the difficult and the impossible, bring it on! What I have found in hindsight is that the difficult or impossible weren’t so tough after all. Remember these easy words, “It will get better, and IT WILL!” Dream your dreams and make the impossible happen in your life. The sun will rise tomorrow and let the morning rays of light shine on a fresh start and a new beginning.


Next week: Purpose in Every Step!


David Earl Woodbury


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