DWTS Season 14 – Episode 3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Emotions ran high on this episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, as the stars go back to the most memorable year in the lives.  This episode promises crying, lots and lots of crying!

While Jack Wagner was singing at a concert in Florida, his daughter whom he had never met, rushed on the stage. Since that day in 2011, Jack has invited his daughter Kerry into his life.  To celebrate this new relationship in true Carnival style, Jack and Anna danced a Brazilian Samba.  The costumes were lively, the routine was lively, but I thought it was all a bit corny.  Jack still amazes me with his spry movement and quick spins, but I want to see more believability in his moves.  Score 24

Maria Menounos is going back to the year 1988, when she was 10 years old.  Maria’s family were immigrants from Greece, and worked as janitors in night clubs all over Boston.  She remembers picking up spare quarters to play “Material Girl” by Madonna on the jukebox.  Derek and Maria danced a Rumba to a sultry rendition of “Material Girl”.  The room was quiet as they danced a very passionate and convincing number.  Did they or didn’t they really kiss?  The thing that surprised me the most was Maria’s precise foot placement, she is on a quick upward climb!  Score 27

Gladys remembers 1957, when she was a young 13 years old on the 1st tour ever of Gladys Night and the Pips. That’s were she learned so much from just watching Sam Cook, who was a true example on and off the stage.  Gladys and Tristan dedicate their FoxTrot by dancing to “Cupid” by Sam Cook.   Her movement was fluid and natural, her posture was better, but her footwork was horrible!  Her routine lacks power and that is going to come from better use of her FEET and legs.  If she wants to make it in weeks to come, she will need to improve this area.  Score 24

Roshon Fegan’s most memorable year was 1996, the first time he saw Michael Jackson on stage.  Michael was an inspiration to him, knowing he started his career so young.   Roshon and Chelsie danced to the first #1 hit from The Jackson 5.  Their routine had an interesting blend of MJ’s moves and Samba steps.  It was really fun and entertaining!  Roshon’s feet sometimes slip and slide about, and his arms get behind his body.  If he can gain a little more control over his limbs, he will continue to do well.  Overall, a hit!  Score 25

Gavin DeGraw and Karina danced a Rumba to Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”.  After Gavin and his family attended his first Billy Joel concert, Gavin knew that is what he wanted to do for a living.  He never felt like he had any limitations because of the way they allowed him to dream.  He dedicated this dance to his family, who has always believed in him. Their Rumba was surprisingly sensual!  I agree with Len when he said Gavin had good hips, more musicality, and has progressed week after week.  Score 24

Katherine Jenkins remembers as a 15 year old child, back in 1996, having to cope with her fathers death from lung cancer.  She celebrated her dad’s life by dancing a lovely Waltz to Josh Groban’s “The Way You Are”.  Elegantly emotional, she is like an angel on that floor!  Katherine’s musicality through her arms and face is breathtaking!  Her lack of proper footwork was not ten worthy, but who cares. The first 2 Tens of the season! Score 29

Sherri Shepherd’s most memorable day was when her son, Jeffrey, was born early at 25 weeks.  Though Jeffrey was delivered at 1 pound 10oz, and with several complications including a prognosis of Cerebral Palsy paralysis, her little miracle lives today without Cerebral Palsy and Sherri couldn’t be more thankful.  Through her Rumba, Sherri wants to show her son how much she loves him.  Val and Sherri’s Rumba was elegant and full of emotion!  She is certainly a performer.  For me, although she looked beautiful, it lacked content.  There were a lot of lines and stretches, but not many steps.  Next week, I want to see more dancing!  Score 24

In 2010, Melissa Gilbert fell and broke her back while touring for a “Little House on the Prairie” show.  After that fall, she couldn’t imagine being able to walk, let alone dance on “Dancing with the Stars”. Melissa and Maks danced a Jive to “The Dog Days are Over”.  How appropriate!  The beginning was slow and full of dramatic lines and tricks, but then the Jive kicked in and it was full of energy!  Melissa was fierce in this routine!  At times, it was a little too wild and lacked finesse, but I think she is still in it!  Score 24

Jaleel White attributes his greatest year to playing Steve Urkel’s alter ego, Stephan.  He was apprehensive at first, but the producers saw the man in him that he hadn’t become yet.  For that, he is thankful.  With his Rumba routine with Kym, Jaleel wanted to show the judges that he is back in rare form!  He is every bit cool and smooth on that floor, and the judges loved his performance, but agree he needs to work on the musicality through his arms.  Score 25

Growing up in Cuba, William Levy and his family shared some hard times, including living off of $20 per month.  William Levy’s most memorable year was 1995, the year his family moved to the Unites States.  William and Cheryl danced a Salsa to represent his past in Cuba, and future in the US.  He had great body and foot rhythm, and definitely good hips!  His footwork was a bit messy, but it was a true hot, Latin celebration!  Score 28

In 2010, Donald Driver’s best friend passed away from cancer.  Donald selected the song, “One Sweet Day”, because it tells the story of loving someone so much and sooner or later they’re gone.  The positive side is to cherish every moment and live life to it’s fullest.  The passion and feeling was incredible!  The song was way too slow and there was some pigeon toed footwork, but overall it was truly inspirational! That kind of artistry isn’t what you expect from a football player.  Score 26

This episode is really tricky. These routines told very emotionally charged stories of important times in each of their lives.  It makes judging them extremely difficult.  No one is a loser this week, but I think Jack, Gladys and Sherri should be in the bottom three.  My prediction is Jack to leave tomorrow.


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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