DWTS Season 14, Episode 2

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last week’s competition was the best I’ve seen yet!  With 18 million viewers, it’s time to step up or step aside! Today is the second round of competition before the dreaded first elimination.

Roshan Fegan traded in his swagger for sophistication on his Quickstep with Chelsie this week! A fast tempo and quick transitions made for a high energy dance! Roshan had good timing and footwork but he needs to keep his frame still while skipping around. Score 26

Sherri Sheppard could have been Tina Turner, dancing a Jive with Val to “Proud Mary”. Sherri exuded all the confidence and that Tina Turner shimmy. Len said there could have been more Jive content, and I agree. Though during rehearsal she didn’t look like she was going to be able to keep up, she actually was quick on her feet. Sherri, don’t forget to point your toes! Score 23

In typical Max fashion, Melissa Gilbert was flying across the floor during her Quickstep. Taking long strides with lots of syncopated steps. I thought she did a fantastic job, but I think the extra tricky choreography makes it hard for her to relax and enjoy the dance AND I think that is what hurt her score. Score 20

I can’t believe how quick Jack Wagner can move during the Jive. Anna kept him moving, kicking, and turning…  this wasn’t your Grandfather’s Jive. The judges felt he was a little ahead of the beat and frantic at times, but as far as I was concerned he had the full package.  He had lots of Jive steps, timing, arm styling, and expression. Well done, Jack! Score 21

You have got to love Gladys Night, unfortunately not her Quickstep. Her funky vibe was not a good match for this dance. Her frame was too relaxed and she needs to stretch up more, and to the left. The surprising part was she kept up with this fast paced dance pretty well. 7 – 5 – 7. Len, ouch! Score 19

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas were going to have a hard time living up to their elegant, dream-like Fox Trot of last week. Their Jive was again, unbelievable! Katherine, as my husband said, “looks like a seasoned pro!” The control that she has over her body and foot placement is amazing!  She is going to be tough to beat! The only advantage the other competitors have is that they aren’t from the United Kingdom. Score 26

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson danced a Jive that did not measure up to their performance last week. Though he is surely talented and displayed sharp moves, he lacked the coolness he displayed last week. Come on Urkel, bring on the geektasticness! Score 22

Derek will you be my partner? No seriously, Derek has a way of making his partners look great! Maria Menounos’ Quickstep was a step up from last week. Her frame and movement was flawless.  This season is going to be very, very tricky! Score 25

Martina Navratilova was grinning from ear to ear while her and Tony danced a Jive. I wanted to smile so bad, but I just couldn’t. Not only did she miss several counts of 8, the counts she did do were way too careful, and a bit awkward. We’ll see how loyal the tennis fans are because she needs a lot of them right now, big time! A lucky 18

Donald Driver said his childhood nickname was “Quickie”, and quick he was during this playful Quickstep with his partner, Peta. He is very light on his feet and manages to take long strides when necessary. Sometimes, Donald loses his frame by leaning forward and letting his (as Len would call it) bum stick out. Overall, touchdown for this routine! Score 24

Gavin DeGraw came out with a bang during his Jive with Karina Smirnoff! He definitely is accomplishing what he set out to do on “Dancing with the Stars”, and that’s improve his confidence! Though once we got to the “Jive ” part, it was all a bit messy. Gavin was flat footed and heavy on his feet. Fun to watch, but not to vote for. Score 21

The final dance of the evening was from William Levy and Cheryl Burke. He again brought the house down! His Quickstep had incredibly light and quick footwork. He had a part in the middle of the routine where he was gliding across the floor with perfect posture. I can’t believe the talent coming from William and ALL of the men stars! Score 25

Two dances down and the first elimination to go. This is going to be a tough one! My prediction ALMOST stays the same, but Sherri moves up a bit and Melissa moves down.

My prediction for first to go is… Martina. Who do you think deserves to go home first?


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator


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