DWTS Season 14, Premiere

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It’s time to kick off season 14!

Derek Hough is back with E.T.’s Maria Menounos, dancing the sexy Cha Cha!  She is beautiful and likable. You need to watch this show just to hear her crazy laugh…(And I mean crazy)!   She hit her steps well from pose to pose, but the parts that you could actually call Cha Cha were awkward, to say the least.  For 1st up, well composed and confident!  Score 21

Soap star Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya danced  a Fox Trot to a dorky song that made me feel like I was transported to “Pleasantville”.  I was not expecting much at the beginning of this dance, but boy was I surprised! Jack had great footwork and relatively good posture.  He was spotting his spins and laying on the charm.  He is definitely NOT going to be the old guy that can’t move around the floor!  Score 23

Donald Driver from the Green Bay Packers is in it to win it!  Peta and Donald’s Cha Cha was through the roof!  He had fast feet and was already pulling the “Ballroom dancers face”, which was hilarious!  It was a bit messy, but who cares?  The man has rhythm!  He is everything that Emmitt Smith was, plus more!  Can I throw a flag on this score?  Score 21

Gavin Degraw danced a Fox Trot with the reigning champion, Karina Smirnoff.  Though he is a current Platinum selling artist, he wants to get out from behind the piano and improve his confidence. If he taps into that vulnerability, he could do well!  Gavin was smooth and had a few great transitions.  Yes, I agree with the judges, he has to watch his arms in places, but he has a tenderness to his dancing that is very likable! Score 20

Hip Hop dancer, Roshon Fegan, from Shake it up and Camp Rock, danced a hip and cool Cha Cha with Chelsie Hightower.  He was very rhythmical and put on the Disney charm.  Roshon was hitting all the moves, although he has to get control of his skinny legs and pigeon-toed feet. They were slipping and sliding all over the place; however, that boy can perform!  Score 23

I have never seen a bigger smile on someone’s face than when Sherri Shepard and Val Chmerkovskiy danced their Fox Trot.  I have to say she was too cute to watch!  Sherri hit some nice Ballroom shapes, but the overall content was a bit weak.  She needs to work on creating powerful, long steps.  She definitely brought joy  to the dance floor! I thought the score of 23 was generous.

Laura Engles retired her prairie dress for one hot, black Cha Cha dress. Max Chmerkovskiy and Melissa Gilbert were spinning, turning and syncopating in true Maks style.  I do agree with Carrie Ann, Melissa was a little tight in the shoulders and upper body.  She, by far, had the most difficult, jammed -packed routine!  As I predicted in the beginning, she is going to be a force to reckon with!  Her score did not reflect the effort… Score 20

The hot Latin-American actor, let me repeat myself, the hot Latin-American actor, William Levy and Cheryl Burke danced a Cha Cha that brought the house down!  The judges were drooling all over him.  It was quite pathetic, actually… I did agree with Len when he said his Cha Cha was, “Right on the the edge, but he kept control.”  Welcome to America William, I don’t think as a newcomer you are going to have any trouble with viewer votes;  I mean ladies’ votes.  Score 24

Martina Navratilova came out glowing!  The tennis legend was almost unrecognizable with her gorgeous blonde curls and sparkling dress!  She looked pretty natural, but is still going to be on the bottom of the leader board. Tony Dovolani and Martina’s Fox Trot was smooth, but way too safe and tepid.  She needs to take her power from the tennis court and bring it to the dance floor! They are going to have to take many more risks to make it past the first elimination next week!  Score 20

Do you remember when United Kingdom’s Katherine Jenkins came to the show last Season and sang an amazing classical song?  Well, neither did I.  After watching her dance, you won’t be able to forget her. Katherine was dressed in a bright yellow dress and danced while sunflowers were projected on the floor.  It was the most beautiful, elegant Fox Trot I’ve ever seen from an amateur of a few weeks.  She had the face of an angel and arms of a ballerina.  (Wow, I’m even making myself sick.)  Ok, it wasn’t perfect…her footwork wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter.  Score 26

All I have to say is I was wrong about Glady’s Knight!  Her and Tristan MacManus danced one rockin’ Cha Cha!  She wanted to dance like one of the Pips and she did!  I thought she would have soul, but move slowly.  She was light and quick on her feet.  This was the best I’ve seen from the older contestants!  You go Glady’s! Score 23

I was expecting a lot from Urkel, despite his geeky TV persona.  Jaleel White and Kym Johnson came out and displayed a calm, cool and SMOOTH Fox Trot.  He was very confident and charming, making it look easy! His blending of patterns was way beyond his years, or shall I say weeks!  Score 26

Never before on Dancing with the Stars have we seen such talent!  Scores ranging from 20-26 make this the most competitive season.  The showmanship and timing from these stars are amazing and never has there been two 26’s!  There is not much room for error.  Next Tuesday the dancers perform another dance and someone goes home!  That “someone”  for me is Martina or Sherri.  If you haven’t tuned in yet, check out the diverse personalities as they compete for one mirror ball trophy!


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator


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