DWTS Season 13 Semi-Finals – Week #9

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Alright, so Nancy Grace FINALLY went home.  Now it’s on to the the Semi-Finals and three dances will be performed by the remaining contestants.

First up is my guess for going home this week, with the lowest scores of the night, Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  We’ll see if that prediction holds up by the time I get to the end of this blog.  And by the way, three dances in one week…ridiculous!  Alright now the critique of Hope’s Paso Doble…  poor posture still reigns supreme in this dance, and not much control.  Not bad overall, but not good either.  Score 21.  Next up is Hope’s Argentine Tango. She is in character for this one, and going for this dance.  But for me, she comes up short on posture and sex appeal.  Much better than the last dance, but just not very graceful.  Score 24.

Next up is J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff”s Paso Doble.  Another very good performance for J.R., getting into great character and keeping it throughout.  He does perform some very difficult choreography, but the posture was the standout error in this dance. Score 23.   Now dancing the Argentine Tango on the other hand, he dominated this dance.  He actually leads Karina;  A feat I am sure very few men can claim they have ever done.  This was the dance he was meant to dance tonight, and with the complexity of this dance surely catapulted himself into the finals! Score 27.

Next up is Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke performing a Samba, and might I say, pretty darn good.  Great personality throughout, some of the best dancing Rob has done yet this season.  Score 28.  Rob’s Argentine Tango, while not being as finessed as J.R.’s, feels cooler.  He has an almost relaxed demeanor about him throughout this dance, which really showed his confidence.  Score 27.

Finally we have Ricki Lake and Derek Hough performing a Samba, and it was good.  Personality was good, the actions were good, arms were good.  I noticed her being back weighted more in this dance than others before.  But, she was good.  Score 30.  Ricki’s Argentine Tango wass excellent as well.  Not much to criticize here.  She was great with light and shade of the dance, being fast when she needed to be, and slow for the drama.  Score 29.

Now to wrap up the show is a Cha Cha, in which they all perform a portion of the same song one after the other, competing for their share of points.  And in operation the winner will collect 10 points, runner-up 8, following that will receive 6, and last place for this dance will get a measly 4 points. So let the competition begin!  Ricki is up first, and she still looks back weighted.  Hope is up second and looks completely uncoordinated.  J.R. now takes the floor and for the first time looks like he is thinking about this one and not too confident.  Rob  is up last, and in my eyes looks like he passed J.R. this week for the top male spot.

So in 4th place is Hope with 4 points, and a nightly total of 49.  In 3rd place is J.R. with 6 points, and a nightly total of 56. Runner-up is Ricki with 8 points, and a nightly score of 67.  And just as I thought, Rob is the big winner here with 10 points and an overall score of 65.

As predicted, Hope is eliminated this week, setting up a final of Ricki, J.R. and Rob!


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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