DWTS Season 13 – Week #8

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, I was wrong about Nancy Grace getting eliminated.  David Arquette didn’t deserve to go at this time because he was improving, and improving faster than Nancy or Hope. Oh well, can’t always account for audience voting.

Up first is Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke doing a Quickstep to “Take On Me”.  His footwork was great, but he really needs to improve his posture – it was a bit floppy.  However, his personality has really improved over the weeks and he now really seems to be enjoying himself.  His sister, Kim, could only dream of being 10% as good as Rob.  Score 27.

Hope Solo and Maks Chmerovskiy are also performing a Quickstep.  All I got to say is, I want what the judges are smoking because I don’t think they were watching the same dance I was!  Yes, it was her best dance, but my goodness, talk about kiss butt! Ugh!  Great opening, had good movement, and this was the most feminine she has looked yet.  But she looked really awkward during pivots and her left elbow kept bobbing up and down.  Score 27.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough are up now and performing a Waltz to “Natural Woman”.  She had great stretches and good rotational movements.  Footwork, like last week, really needs work. “Unless you nail your footwork, you will never get a 10 from Len”,  Len is dead on with this one and Bruno should never have given a 10 to this dance. Score 28.

Nancy and Tristan MacManus are up next and performing a Tango.  The wardrobe department did her a disservice by placing her a short dress thus allowing a great view of all her flaws, which a long dress would have covered.  A shame, really, because this would have been a lot better with a proper dress.   She should concentrate on keeping her shaping and staying keeping her head away.  Nancy said, “It ain’t over yet”, and with score of 24, but I think it is.

Finally, it’s J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff performing a Waltz to “Love Sweet Love”.  I guess all of his goofing off during practice payed off  into a flawless Waltz.  Great movement and he made it look effortless.  Boy can he move! Perfect score of 30.

Now we have the instant Jive.  Horrifying to the dancers because they only get the music 20 minutes before having to perform it live.  They all practice beforehand, but with limited success because of the music situation.

First up are Rob and Cheryl performing to “Maneater”, and they surely could have performed better with sharper kicks and footwork. Score 24.  Hope and Maks are next performing to “The Best Damn Thing”. She is athletic, of course, and performed much better that last time, but should pay attention to her scrunchy shoulders.  “Bloody Brilliant”, said Len… I don’t know about that.  Score 25.  Ricki and Derek’s turn dancing to “Land of a Thousand Dances”, and she has nice leg work. A little slow in picking up her feet, but she looks amazing.  Score’s a 24, (behind Hope!).  Nancy and Tristan dancing to “Upside Down”, and as Len says, “It’s midnight and it’s time to go”.  A cartwheel , really?  It’s time to go. Score 20.  J.R. and Karina ending the show to “Tutti, Frutti”, and as expected was agile, dancing with his whole body, missed a bit in the middle of the dance, but otherwise awesome interpretation of the music.  Perfect score of 30, again.


Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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