DWTS Season 13 – Week #5

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Chynna Phillips was eliminated from the show last week.  It was her only bad week, but it just goes to show you have to be on every week! This week’s theme is the 80’s and guest performers, the Bangles, brought us back by singing their top hits, “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Manic Monday”. This is going to be fun!

Up first is Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing a Tango to “Living on a Prayer”.  Her moves were awkward and uncomfortable, and her upper body was loose when it was supposed to be still.  She put her all into it and she got it all wrong.  The judges for the most part liked it, I, on the other hand, found it hard to watch.  Score 24.

We’re now on week five and I can’t believe Carson Kressley is still alive.  Carson and Anna Trebunskaya danced a Jive to “Wake me up Before you Go-Go”.  His short shorts and long socks just added to his already dorkiness.  Unfortunately his routine didn’t have any real technique to write about.  No content and a real let-down.  Score 19.

Dancing a Rumba to Spandau Ballet were Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus.  Her overall movement was good, but the real improvement for me was her facial expressions.  I found her much easier to watch.  Although it was an improvement from previous weeks, her technique needs an overhaul.  So far this show has been underwhelming.  Her best Score – 22.

Hoping to tap into his Latin roots, J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff visited the Los Angeles club, The Conga Room.  The Samba likes J.R.’s hips for sure.  He had great body rhythm, but  I would have liked to see him command a much stronger Latin ‘machismo’ posture.  So far the best performance of the night, but not my favorite of his performances. Score 28.

Loving this next song, “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie!  Everything came together for Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke in their Rumba routine.  The right song, the right outfit, and the right choreography!  The sex appeal was turned up in this number with great settling of the hips. He had great lines with his arms and feet, and he is just getting better and better.  The sleeper does not sleep anymore.  Although I thought they deserved a higher score, Score 25.

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer also danced a Samba for 80’s week to “Get Down On It” by Kool and The Gang.  The old school Samba outfits and music really seemed to fit Chaz.  He actually executed his Samba steps and lines well, and even did some booty shakin’ (boy that sounds a bit disturbing).  Kudos to Lacey for hitting the mark on this one, it was the surprise of the night for me.  Score 21.

The men (except for Carson) are stealing the night!  That definitely was the case for David Arquette’s Tango to 80’s favorite, “Tainted Love”.  David really kept up with his level of intensity from his Paso Doble performance last week.  Carrie Ann and Len disagreed about David’s musicality.  Len said good,  and Carrie Ann said not good.  I agree with Len. He executed a lot of advanced patterns, and being connected to the music and the dance was the best part.  Is David the new sleeper?  Score 25.

The closer of the night was Ricki Lake and Derek Hough dancing a quirky Fox Trot to “Easy Lover”.  With two 10’s from last week’s number to Psycho, they had a lot to live up to.  They were gliding across the floor in closed hold, and like last week, had amazing smooth shapes.  However, the judges seemed to differ.  All they could talk about was the Rodger Rabbit (Remember that cool 80’s dance?), and how the “80’s” work was distracting.  It is 80’s week for goodness sakes! I thought it was quirky and fun, but Psycho it was not.  All in all, it was well done and should’ve been in second place behind J.R. Martinez. Instead, J.R., David, and Rob landed ahead of Ricki.  Wow, who would of thought? I told you it was the men’s night!  Score 24.

My Bottom 3  – Nancy, Chaz, and Carson.  Going home – Carson.  Please tell me Ricki isn’t going home?



Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator


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